Google’s latest ML technology finds your pet in art

Google's latest ML technology finds your pet in art

With a new tool called Pet Portraits, Google releases yet another entertaining method to test its machine learning technologies. The tool has been added to the Google Arts & Culture app for iPhone and Android, allowing anybody to take a photo of their pet (even a lizard) and search for the animal’s lookalike in great works of art.

In 2018, Google released a fun feature called Art Photo, allowing users to snap a selfie and search for their equivalent in works of art. Instead of taking a picture of your face, you’ll take one of your cat, dog, rabbit, fish, or other pet with the new Pet Portrait feature.

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Google’s Arts & Culture app will go through a massive collection of existing art work, including miniatures and street art, and use machine learning to locate a similar-looking animal in the material. The feature may be accessed by installing the Google Arts & Culture app for iOS or Android and pressing the rainbow camera icon.

When you capture a photo of an animal with this app’s camera, Google’s machine learning system will look for extremely similar animals in the platform’s artwork library. Users may share the artwork discovered by Google’s app, create a slideshow of numerous photos, or touch on the artwork to access an educational gateway with further information about the artist and their work.

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More than 2,000 institutions and their collections may be found in Google’s Arts & Culture app. This software allows users to examine high-resolution scans of historic paintings, monuments, and other works, as well as Street Views of notable landmarks and other attractions. Aside from that, Google’s app offers visitors curated guided tours, a translation button for exhibits in other languages, and the opportunity to search for art by color.