Google Rolls Out Redesigned Mobile Search Pages


A more vibrant,’ Googley’ demonstration with more notable results expects.

Google search could be a mainstay for background surfing, but its cellular variant has frequently left much to be wanted.

Google redesigns mobile search on Android and iOS to be easier to read

Fortunately, since 9to5Google accounts, Google has gathered a radical redesign for cellular searches. The brand new look keeps matters easy, including removing shadows, upgrading fonts, and enhancing readability. The research area itself has become much more prominent. The layout also integrates more intentionally implemented color to draw consumers’ eyes to look effects.

A Google designer takes us inside Search’s mobile redesign

“We wanted to have a step back to simplify a little bit so people may find what they’re searching for faster and more straightforward,” Google designer Aileen Cheng describes in a blog article.

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The research results are all front and center, with “living space” and visual distance where it is needed most. It also “leans to that Googley atmosphere,” something Cheng finds essential to the new appearance.

“If you have a take a look at the Google logo, you will notice there is a good deal of roundness for it. Thus we’re borrowing out of this and bringing it into other areas too,” she states. The changes must be live today.