Google Removes FlixOnline From the Play Store for Being Malware

Google Removes FlixOnline From the Play Store for Being Malware

A brand new malware was found on Google Play which may further spread itself through WhatsApp messages. After the”wormable” malware obtained the necessary permissions, it might read the incoming WhatsApp alarms in your device and respond to them together using malicious material.

The “Wormable” Malware Came Bundled With FlixOnline

Check Point Research found the “wormable” malware Google Play concealed in a fake program named FlixOnline. The program guaranteed a two-month subscription to Netflix free of charge and promised to allow 1 watch Netflix articles from all around the world.

But once set up, the program would request one to permissions into overlay content and other programs and see all incoming alarms in your apparatus. The very first permission allows the malware that the capability to browse your own personal and sensitive data. In contrast, the second enables it to all of your incoming alarms, such as individuals in WhatsApp.

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To guarantee the OS doesn’t shut it down to excess battery consumption, the malware additionally asks for the “Battery Optimization Discount” permission. Considering all these permissions set up, the malware may covertly steal your WhatsApp dialog data.

The Malware Further Spread Itself by Sending Fake WhatsApp Messages

The malware further spreads itself by simply responding to incoming WhatsApp messages using malicious material disguised as a no-cost Netflix subscription: “2 Seconds of Netflix Premium Free free of price including REASON OF QUARANTINE (CORONA VIRUS)* Get 2 Months of Netflix Premium Free anyplace in the world for 60 days. Get it today HERE.”

Upon clicking on the link, the receiver of this message could be transmitted into some fake Netflix site, where they’re prompted to input their credit card information and login credentials. But because a command-and-control server handles the delivered message, it might be pointed to various phishing sites or malware payloads.

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It’s possible to follow our guide about the best way to get rid of a virus in the own Android apparatus with no factory reset.

Google Has Already Removed the App From the Play Store

Check Point Research claims the imitation FlixOnline program was downloaded about 500 days in the Play Store but has been eliminated immediately by Google after being advised about it.

Streaming services have noticed a spike in their userbase on account of the continuing pandemic. Threat celebrities have been capitalizing on this trend, as evident from the imitation FlixOnline program, which strove to lure consumers by providing them a free Netflix subscription for two months.

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A more harmful Method Update Android malware has been found recently too. It may steal all information saved on your devices, such as your photographs, messages, browser, history, and much more. Contrary to FlixOnline, however, it didn’t make its way into the Google Play Store.