Google Pay just added 17 more US banks to its list of supported institutions


It is hard to overstate the attempt Google’s been creating to secure more and more institutions signed up to operate with Google Pay. A few years back we talked about the day its record of US banks could strike on a 2,000 that is trendy — a landmark that is from the now. And as you may think that it would run from banks, we creeping up on 3,000. Helping us across the best way we have got almost a dozen banks joining the club.

Around June we found some 40 banks enrol their service and while we have got to go to strike on at an amount these 11 new developments give us a place to begin:

Doesn’t add up to 11 for you, either? Well, Google Pay supported Glenwood State Bank before, but neglected to specify which state that was. That means one of them here is new, but we can’t quite say which.

We’ve still got a week or so left in July, and hitting that 40 target is looking more and more plausible, as Google adds 17 more banks to its list, bringing our monthly total up to 28.

  • Altamaha Bank & Trust (GA)
  • Buena Vista National Bank (IL)
  • Camino Federal Credit Union (CA)
  • Century Heritage Federal Credit Union (PA)
  • Concordia Bank (MO)
  • Ferguson Federal Credit Union (MS)
  • First National Bank (OH)
  • Front Royal Federal Credit Union (VA)
  • Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union (PA)
  • North Alabama Bank (AL)
  • North American Banking Company (MN)
  • Pathfinder Federal Credit Union (WY)
  • R Bank (TX)
  • Roscoe State Bank (TX)
  • Southern Teachers & Parents Federal Credit Union (LA)
  • West Shore Bank Corporation (MI)
  • Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union (TX)
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