Google may put $4 billion into India’s Reliance Jio, months after Facebook invested $5.7 billion


Jio Platforms includes a suite such as a Zoom rival JioMeet and streaming service JioSaavn.

The Reliance subsidiary has attracted countless Indians online for the first time in the previous four years by providing free or exceptionally inexpensive 4G data. This tide of new net users has profited the likes of Google and Facebook, each of which are undergoing saturation from the West and are looking at Asia and emerging markets to supply their”next billion consumers ” Facebook clarifies India is its private sector, also explicitly called out the impact of data programs in markets on its consumer increase back in 2016.

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Jio’s increase in India has been meteoric.

Other significant tech companies have spent on Jio Platforms. While Saudia Arabia’s Vista Equity Partners, KKR, Public Investment Fund, and others have spent billions lately, Qualcomm announced it invested about $100 million.

Google is expected to verify the investment in the forthcoming weeks, according to the report.

The financing would adhere to a ton of Google projects in India. CEO Sundar Pichai declared a $10 billion investment and held a phone with prime minister Narendra Modi.

Google may spend around $4 billion in tumultuous, famous Indian online company Jio Platforms, according to Bloomberg.

As Business Insider previously mentioned, 1 side effect of countless fresh Indian users floods the net was that the dethroning of popular gambling YouTuber PewDiePie since the top founder on the stage. By posting songs movies, T-Series, an Indian record label that amuses countless millions of viewpoints, substituted him and can be famous beyond the nation.

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Meanwhile, Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani is currently the sixth-richest individual on the planet, a Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, exceeding Tesla CEO Elon Musk using a net wealth of $72.4 billion.