Google is adding a built-in screenshot tool to Chrome for desktop

Google is adding a built-in screenshot tool to Chrome for desktop

Google is currently adding a close sharing menu to Chrome for desktop. In-development Share Menu was first discovered in May. It would allow users to access four sharing options — Save page as, Copy link, QR code, and Save page as — within Chrome’s Omnibox. A new commit to the Chromium Gerrit indicates that the future release of the sharing menu will include a screenshot tool.

A recent Reddit post by u/Leopeva64-2 reveals that Chrome has a native screenshot utility hidden in the browser’s development tools. This new commit will centralize the tool by adding it to the in-development share menu. Its description reads: “This change initiates implementation of the “Share” submenu. This will centralize and deduplicate various sharing options currently scattered across different menus.

This change will also add a feature called “ShareMenu”, a new class called “ShareSubmenuModel”, that implements the submenu and modifies “RenderViewContextMenu” to make use of the new ShareSubmenuModel once the feature is enabled. The commit description also states that it will add “Copy Link” and “Copy Link To Text” items to the share menu.

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The attached screenshot shows that the Share Menu in Google Chrome desktop will now offer more sharing options than the one we had earlier in the year. It will include the following options: a Screenshot option, a Send to your devices option, and a submenu called “Share a link to”. These options are in addition to the previous four. The Share Menu icon has been updated to show a paper airplane rather than a plus sign.

Noting that there is a separate commit, it suggests that the Screenshot tool may allow users to capture a particular part of the screen. In addition, you might be able to edit the screenshot. We are not yet certain when the new screenshot tool will be available for users on the stable channel. As soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know.