Google Earth Cannot Connect to Server? Here’s How to Fix It

Google Earth Cannot Connect to Server? Here’s How to Fix It

Here we can see, “Google Earth Cannot Connect to Server? Here’s How to Fix It”

  • Although it is a fantastic tool for globetrotting, Google Earth occasionally encounters connectivity difficulties.
  • Numerous things, such as bad network routing or out-of-date cached files from your PC, can cause connectivity problems.

Although Google Earth is a wonderful tool that allows you to explore the world from the comfort of your home, occasionally, running this program may result in a proxy server error.

Surely, even when using a proxy, you can still access Google Earth. However, Google Earth can have connectivity troubles just like any other internet service.

The server issue typically indicates that Google Earth Pro, the desktop version of this application, cannot connect to the company’s servers. This could prevent you from using the program correctly or at all.

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How to fix Google Earth server error?

1. Use the Repair Tool

    1. Open Google Earth Professional
    2. Select “Help” from the menu.
    3. Launch Repair Tool can be found under the Help menu.
    4. select “Clear disk cache.”
    5. If required, watch for the procedure to end.
    6. select “Restore default settings.”
    7. Check to see if the issue is still present.

Try exiting Google Earth Pro after starting the Repair Tool if the remedy doesn’t seem to be functioning. Verify that the application is still active even if Google Earth Pro is closed.

Another remedy is to make a full backup of your PC’s My Places folder, follow the directions above, and then choose the Delete My Places option.

It should be noted that backing up the folder’s contents is optional. Only if the folder’s contents are crucial and you don’t want to lose your saved data should you do the backup.

2. Wait it out

Google Earth may occasionally be unable to communicate with Google’s servers for several unrelated server-side reasons.

Therefore, in this case, the best course of action would be to wait for the problem to resolve itself. It’s usually connected to maintenance tasks.

3. Use a VPN

    1. Get a Private Internet Access membership.
    2. Install PIA on your PC after downloading it.
    3. Open the VPN client and sign in with your credentials.
    4. Join a reliable, quick server (nearby servers are usually the fastest)
    5. Open Google Earth Professional
    6. Check to see if the issue is still present.

Even with Google Earth, connection errors can occur if your network is not properly configured for routing and resource allocation.

4. Flush your DNS

    1. Exit the Google Earth Pro application
    2. Select Win on your computer.
    3. Right-click Command Prompt and type CMD
    4. Select Open with Administrator
    5. One by one, enter the following commands in the correct order:
      • ipconfig /flushdns
        ipconfig /registerdns
        ipconfig /release
        ipconfig /renew
        netsh winsock reset
    6. Shut down the CMD window.
    7. Switch off your computer.
    8. Verify to see if the mistake still exists.

Flushing your DNS is a good idea since it prevents your system from caching stale, incorrect or out-of-date information.

In this instance, having an outdated cache may prevent you from correctly connecting to Google Earth servers and may even result in the dreaded proxy error.

5. Check your firewall

This ought to be crystal clear. Make sure Google Earth connections are not blacklisted if you use a firewall to control incoming and outgoing connections to and from your PC (which you should).

Additionally, you should ensure that your firewall isn’t restricting access to the Google Earth app. The same principle holds true for your antivirus program, as this kind of technology might prevent some apps from running properly on your computer.

6. Disable proxy usage

Google Earth cannot fully access its servers while using a proxy server. Check to see if your computer relies on a proxy connection first.

Try briefly deactivating the proxy connection to see if Google Earth functions normally without one. If it does, it suggests that the proxy is most likely to blame for the problem.

You have two options in this situation: either examine the proxy’s configuration or turn it off whenever you intend to use Google Earth.

All things considered, Google Earth occasionally has connectivity troubles with Google’s servers. Although this problem is typically very short-lived and resolves by itself quite soon, it can occasionally be brought on by certain conditions.

For instance, Google Earth’s ability to connect to its servers can be interfered with by improperly implemented firewall filters and rules. The same is true for obsolete content that has been cached on your PC; flushing your DNS can quickly fix this issue.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why can’t I access Google Earth?

Unable to connect to server: Google Earth problem. Fortunately, Google Earth has a repair tool, which may be accessed from the Help menu. You might need to restart Google Earth, clear the cache, etc. if you are certain that your internet connection is working properly.

2. Does Google Earth still receive support?

Google Earth 6.0 and older Pro editions are no longer supported. A license key is needed for Google Earth Pro versions 7.1. 5 and prior. Use your email address and the key GEPFREE to log in if you don’t have a key.

3. Why won’t Google Earth open on my computer?

Google Earth is hazy. When Google Earth launches, it crashes. This is typically due to a botched installation, although it is fixable. You must replace or upgrade your graphics card drivers to fix this problem.

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