google chrome scrolling lag

google chrome scrolling lag

Here we can see “google chrome scrolling lag

Slow scrolling in Google Chrome may be a bug that will appear due to the browser’s graphics settings, a video driver issue, the online page itself, or the performance of Windows as an entire. If the bug manifests itself on multiple machines on a network, search for common attributes between them, like an out-of-date graphics card driver. Ensure that you’re running the best recent version of Google Chrome using the application’s built-in updater before troubleshooting problems.

Web Page Issues

If the slow scrolling problem only appears on one specific website, this page is likely responsible, mainly if it contains excessive video or other interactive content. Unfortunately, it’s also going to have poorly written code that slows Chrome down. Report the performance issues to the webmaster (a link is typically provided at the rock bottom of the page) and test the page during a different browser to ascertain if scrolling performance improves.

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Graphics Issues

Chrome supports the WebGL graphics acceleration technology to display advanced 3-D models and other graphics inside the browser. The feature is automatically enabled on compatible operating systems running compatible graphics cards, but an out-of-date driver can cause problems. Ensure that you’re running the major recent driver update for your card and integrated motherboard graphics by visiting the manufacturer’s website and searching for the Support or Downloads link. In addition, your graphics card or chipset are often identified from the Device Manager utility on top of things Panel.

Windows Issues

Windows may be struggling to supply the system resources necessary to display pages smoothly in Chrome. Use the Windows Task Manager to shut down the other applications or background processes that are not getting used and consume significant amounts of CPU time or RAM. Note that Chrome will display a separate chrome.exe process for every open tab and background app, so reducing the number of open tabs and apps can boost performance. Finally, ensure that Windows itself is updated with the foremost recent patches, bug fixes, and compatibility updates by opening the Windows Update section of the instrument panel.

Further Troubleshooting

Another possibility is that a third-party extension running on top of Chrome is causing pages to scroll slowly, perhaps because it’s trying to interfere with the page-rendering process. Select “Tools” and choose “Extensions” from the Chrome menu, an icon that appears like three stacked lines – if you see a wrench icon, you recognize your Chrome version is out of date. Disable each extension one by one to ascertain if it’s any effect. If the matter persists, uninstall Chrome from your system and reinstall the newest version from the Chrome website, which can repair any program files which will are damaged or deleted.

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User Questions:

  1. Google Chrome lags when scrolling (Windows 10)

Google Chrome lags very badly while scrolling on most sites. Also, sometimes videos played through the browser have poor FPS and are laggy. I know it’s not my internet, as other browsers do not have a problem, and I am hardwired with 150/75mbps speed.

I am on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. I never had a problem while running on Windows 7 Ultimate. My machine is mighty also, so I’m narrowing it down for a problem with Chrome.

I have tons of RAM, so I do know that may not be a problem. I even have HyperX Fury 32GB RAM, 2666MHz. Although, Chrome is using about ~200-550MB of RAM per tab, which seems high.

I’m unsure if there are any Windows 10 compatibility issues or not. I’ve done some searching but haven’t found much. The only thing I saw was to show on smooth scrolling, which I attempted. Unfortunately, it did not affect.

  1. Chrome scrolling lag

 I’m using the latest google chrome, its too laggy on Facebook while scrolling and also on some websites; I even have six GB of ram ddr3 Nvidia gt 710 latest driver and intel core two quads q8200 2.33ghz

I installed windows seven the same issue also 8/8.1/10 32bit and 64. I’m using windows seven ultimate 64 bit

Also, there are no extensions in Chrome it’s clean, and that I do not know why scrolling is not smooth and laggy.

I would like to understand where the problem is because the matter is hardware, not software and that I don’t know if that was the CPU or GPU. I used my gt 710 with core i7 4770k, and there’s no scrolling issue it is OK.

And once I use firefox quantum in my q8200, no lag was only in Chrome.

  1. Google Chrome Scrolling Lag

When pages are loading in Chrome and that I attempt to scroll, it lags tons. Once I try to scroll, it’ll be very delayed and slow. Once I use incognito, this weird lag doesn’t happen. I even have no extensions. I even have tried smooth scrolling, and it doesn’t help.

  1. Chrome began to have laggy page scroll within the latest update

I am on MIUI 11, and after a recent update of Chrome, I notice laggy behavior in Chrome, especially when scrolling. After uninstalling the update, lags are much lesser than once I update again; the issue comes up too.

  1. Google Chrome on Android phone lag when scrolling

On two different android ten phones, I experience lag once I scroll up/ down on websites.

I tried clear cache and data, but an equivalent problem.

I asked other users of an equivalent model of phones (Xiaomi mi8 and mi 10T lite) and don’t have this problem.

With the native browser (Mi browser), scrolling is exceptionally smooth. I also mention I even have 120 Hz on my screen, and every navigation should be smooth.

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I saw an identical post, and someone said it had been due to size adjusting, but I didn’t understand.

Can anyone help me, please? What should I neutralize to use Chrome browser and to be smooth because it should be?