Google Calendar’s new Focus Time helps users avoid interruptions

Google Calendar’s new Focus Time helps users avoid interruptions

Google recently announced a new feature called Focus Time, which allows users to set aside specific time blocks in their schedule. This function can be used to automatically block meetings that would otherwise overlap with the protect time blocks, ensuring that specified periods set aside for personal or other purposes do not overlap with work.

The new function is great for professionals and students who need to carefully manage their calendars, including ensuring that the day’s many activities do not monopolise certain time blocks. Google describes Focus Time as a new entry option similar to the Out Of Office event option.

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Users can choose the ‘Focus Time’ tab from the entry type list when generating a new entry. The date and time are entered as normal, along with any additional information such as a description or location. Users can also choose when they are notified about the item, whether it’ll be visible, and how they’ll appear on the Calendar (“busy,” for example).

Users can configure a Focus Time item to decline any meetings that coincide with their Focus Time automatically. On the Calendar, these blocks of time are identified by a little headphones icon in the upper left corner of the block. On its Workspace blog, Google explained why the new feature was created:

More chats and meetings resulted from the changes to our working environments over the last year, making it more difficult for workers to carve out time for their core work. The new focus time option will make it easier to set aside time for thought and core work.

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Users with G Suite Basic and Business accounts and some other tiers aren’t getting the feature yet. Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus, Enterprise Standard/Plus, Education Fundamentals/Teaching/Learning Upgrade, Nonprofit, and Education Standard/Plus will all get it.

Source: workspaceupdates.googleblog