Galaxy S21 FE references are vanishing from Samsung’s websites

Galaxy S21 FE references are vanishing from Samsung’s websites

When Apple announced that it might not launch the AirPower wireless charging mat, it probably wished it could rewrite history and stop the merchandise from even being mentioned in the first place. Samsung would have probably been within the same boat had it announced the Galaxy S21 FE, only to understand too late that it wouldn’t be ready to supply the demand for it anyway sufficiently. Fortunately, that announcement hasn’t happened yet, and therefore the company could be trying to erase evidence of the phone’s existence to avoid having to verify its cancellation.

The Galaxy S21 FE had a troubled beginning and looks like it’ll have a troubled end without seeing the sunshine of day. Repeatedly delayed thanks to bigger industry-wide problems, the affordable Galaxy S flagship was initially reported to possess finally resumed production. Then came news of how dismal the assembly turnout was, which didn’t bode well for what might be a well-liked smartphone.

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Now it seems that it’ll never come to pass in the least, with an unofficial statement from a corporation official saying that next month’s announcement has been canceled. That naturally led to the conclusion that the phone itself has been likewise canceled, though Samsung has launched phones without big announcements anyway. Now it seems that the corporate is silently rewriting what would are an embarrassing point in its history.

According to SamMobile, support pages for the Galaxy S21 FE have suddenly disappeared from Samsung’s websites in several countries. These pages, which sometimes leaked the device’s manual, gave solid proof of its existence. It also confirmed some features or misfeatures, just like the absence of a headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

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This kind of silent backtracking kind of relieves Samsung of getting to officially announce the cancellation of a product that has never been reported in the first place. It won’t stop some Samsung fans from being disappointed, especially people who either don’t want the Galaxy Z Flip 3 or can’t afford subsequent Galaxy S22. The Galaxy S21 FE’s cancellation will only make the Galaxy Note’s absence this year more poignant and can likely raise questions on the company’s strategy to recover next year.