Galaxy S21 FE production is reportedly off to a bad start

Galaxy S21 FE production is reportedly off to a bad start

Since fewer people will probably buy a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 instead of the absence of a Galaxy Note 21 this year, Samsung is left with a rather large gap between Galaxy S series flagships in 2021 and 2022. A lover Edition would partially fill that gap, but that strategy won’t pay off, a minimum of supported how things are off to a rough start. Although not late, the Galaxy S21 FE may need limited availability supported reported numbers coming from the assembly lines.

There was much foreboding around the rumors that sprung up around the Galaxy S21 FE for the past few months. The worldwide chip shortage pushed back its production schedule later than intended, which same situation suggested that Samsung would need to split the phone between Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 chips once more . Production has reportedly started in earnest, and therefore the phone might be a couple of weeks away, but even then, the atmosphere doesn’t seem to possess changed for the higher .

According to tipster Max Jambor, Samsung only produced 10,000 Galaxy S21 FE units this month. That’s a particularly low number for a product that’s close to launching next month. It’d still change within the coming weeks as Samsung ramps up production, but it doesn’t speak well of the company’s confidence within the product.

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That low yield might reflect Samsung’s overly cautious approach to the Galaxy S21 FE to ensure it doesn’t produce an excessive amount of and waste those precious chips. It’s already having trouble supplying the demand for its other phones, and it can’t afford to form too many Galaxy S21 FE units than it’ll be ready to sell.

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Samsung itself won’t expect the phone to sell that well in the first place, being caught between a rock and a tough place. The Galaxy S22 could be just four months away, and there could be little incentive for consumers to sink their teeth and money into a less expensive Galaxy S21 variant. That said, the worth are going to be an enormous determining think about the Galaxy S21 FE’s chances, but which may still come insufficient too late for the phone.