Galaxy S20 owners report failing displays just after a year of use

Galaxy S20 owners report failing displays just after a year of use

Because it is constantly exposed to the outside and in constant use, the screen of a smartphone is likely the most worn. Many owners fear that these screens will eventually fail, but they are unlikely to expect it to happen next year. This is the unfavorable situation in which a growing number of owners of Galaxy S20 series smartphones find themselves, with their premium flagships showing severe problems for no apparent reason.

Smartphone display issues are not uncommon. Oneplus is one of the least popular in this regard. However, Samsung was also affected by these issues with the Galaxy S20 FE last year. Multiple software updates fixed these touch screen bugs. However, no patch will likely fix the broken Galaxy S20 screens.

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In May, the first signs appeared when a Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G owner uploaded his issue to YouTube. The video clearly showed green patches with a white background. However, the phone started to show signs of trouble months before it started flickering.

This incident was not reported, but many Galaxy S20 owners are becoming more vocal about similar issues. While the symptoms may vary, some common elements, such as scan lines or green tints may vary. In addition, all affected owners claim that their phones were never dropped or scratched inadvertently.

These problems appear to be more prevalent on the Galaxy S20+ than on the base model. Unfortunately, no one has yet found an explanation. Worse, replacing the screen seems to be the only option, with all the associated costs and inconveniences. Unfortunately, these complaints have not been addressed by Samsung.

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