Frontiers Trademark May Have Proven Sonic 2022 Open-World Game Leak

Frontiers Trademark May Have Proven Sonic 2022 Open-World Game Leak

Sega has submitted a trademark application for the term “Sonic Frontiers,” prompting anticipation that the submission could serve as the title for the company’s upcoming Sonic game.

Sega revealed a new entry in the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog series during the company’s Sonic Central 30th Anniversary Livestream event earlier this year – and news of a new trademark may clarify the game’s title. While Sega has been silent about this new Sonic game since that announcement, the company has revealed only a few seconds of gameplay footage and a release date of 2022 for the game as a whole.

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The Sonic Central 30th Anniversary Livestream event focused on re-releasing and remastering previous Sonic games, first for the Sonic Central series. There were several titles included in this package, including Sonic Colors: Ultimate, a remake of the 2010 game, and Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, an animated series based on the game. Sonic Origins, a compilation of various old Sonic games, will be released in the future, though Sega did not provide a specific date for when it will be released. Sega appeared to have saved the best news for last during the Livestream event, releasing a cryptic teaser video featuring Sonic dashing through a forest and a mysterious symbol, as well as a release date of 2022 and a list of platforms on which the game will be available. Takashi Iizuka, the series’ producer, has stated that the upcoming Sonic game will evolve the series model.

According to Twitter user Renka’s schedule, Sega has filed trademark applications for “Sonic Frontiers” in Japanese and English language versions. Even though this Tweet provides no additional information, the post sparked additional speculation. As previously reported, Sonic Frontiers will be called Sonic Frontiers and will feature an open-world setting rather than the series’ traditional level-based structure. The trademark was filed shortly after rumors surfaced that the next Sonic game would be called Sonic Frontiers and would be called Sonic Frontiers. As is customary with a great series like Sonic, fans are ravenous for any and every information about what is to come next, hoping that their expectations will be realized. And, following the terrible reception received by Sonic Colors: Ultimate, which resulted in Nintendo issuing refunds, the next edition in the series has a lot to live up to.

For the future game, the second most popular suggestion from fans is “Sonic Frontiers.” In the beginning, fans speculated that the game would be titled “Sonic Rangers” based on metadata extracted from the teaser video production that appeared at the Sonic Central 30th Anniversary celebration. This is still a possibility because Sega has not yet announced the title of the upcoming game. With the next installment scheduled for release in 2022 – a date that is rapidly approaching – it seems probable that Sega will reveal additional information shortly. Additionally, this trademark strongly suggests that the moniker “Sonic Frontiers” will become increasingly important shortly. With no hint of how it will play or which Sonic characters could appear, players are left to speculate until more information becomes available.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a franchise that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. It doesn’t matter if it’s classic games or annoying Sonic NFT marketing methods. The Sega series isn’t scared to attempt anything new. Only time will tell whether this new game will breathe new life into the series, as its creator has promised.