Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup event detailed: How to get free outfit

Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup event detailed: How to get free outfit

Epic Games has added another major DC superhero to its Fortnite lineup, this point introducing a woman as a playable character. Though the skin will be available to everyone within the game’s Item Shop, some Fortnite players will be ready to unlock the outfit for free of charge via the Women Cup event.

The woman skin will arrive within the Fortnite Item Shop on August 19, starting at 8 PM ET. The item will include the Armored variant of the superhero because of the related Athena’s Battleaxe, Aquila chrysaetos Wings Glider, Diana’s Mantle Back Bling, and therefore the DC Trinity Loading Screen.

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If you would like an attempt at getting the skin for free of charge, you’ll participate in the woman Cup event scheduled for August 18, each day before the outfit hits the Item Shop. Like previous matches offering free early access to new skins, players will get to compete in up to 10 matches and achieve a minimum number of points.

The event will involve Duos matches; teams will have three hours to play up to 10 matches, using each match to urge as many points as possible. The teams with the top points in each region will get the woman’s skin free of charge, also as Diana’s Mantle Back Bling.

If you don’t get enough points for the skin, you’ll still get the Honorary Amazons Loading Screen, assuming you get a minimum of eight points from matches during the event. Then, head over to the official Fortnite website to ascertain a full breakdown of the event’s points.

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