For Apple’s Education Discount, you’ll now need a UNiDAYS verification

For Apple's Education Discount, you'll now need a UNiDAYS verification

For a discount on Apple’s education portal in the United States, a UNiDAYS verification is now required. In Europe, the policy was already in effect.

Before buyers in the United States can earn a discount through Apple’s education portal, they must first complete a UNiDAYS verification. Students and teachers in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, can get discounts on specified hardware. Apple examines potential buyers’ IDs outside of the United States before giving them a discount, although ID verification was not required in the United States until now.

Students and teachers with address usually get a discount on Apple’s MacBooks and iPads. In addition, qualifying purchasers can get a discount on Mac desktops, the Mac mini, and a few accessories, while iPhones are not included in the list. Now that the loophole has been closed, students and teachers will be required to present identification to receive a discount on their next iPad or MacBook purchase.

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Apple now needs instructors and students to provide a valid UNiDAYS identification to be eligible for a discount on the Apple Education Store in the United States, according to Redditor u/siddharthsure. As previously stated, the regulation was already in place in most other regions where the discount plan is in effect. Still, the corporation did not impose a rigorous ID policy in the United States. This meant that almost anyone could earn a discount simply by claiming to be a student. That loophole has now been closed, meaning that only students, faculty, and staff with email IDs from participating schools and universities can now get discounts on the Apple Education Store in the United States.

Discounted Devices Have Limits

Another change is a new limit on the number of discounted devices purchased each year. Previously, there was no apparent top limit, but now consumers are limited to one or two gadgets per category per year. This implies that consumers may only get the discount once a year on one Mac, one Mac mini, one MacBook, two iPads, and two accessories. iPhones are not included in the promotion; thus, consumers must pay full price for Apple’s handsets regardless of whether or not they have a email address.

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It’s unclear when Apple made the adjustment, but a simple search on the Wayback Machine reveals it happened in the last few days. Even the most recent recorded screenshot of the Apple Education Store homepage from January 17 did not include UNiDAYS, implying that Apple implemented the new policy between then and now. The corporation has yet to make a formal announcement about the new policy.

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