Ps4: a Dns Error Has Occured [nw-31253-4 & Nw-31254-5]

Ps4: a Dns Error Has Occured [nw-31253-4 & Nw-31254-5]

Here we can see, “Ps4: a Dns Error Has Occured [nw-31253-4 & Nw-31254-5]”

  • When you experience issues with internet connectivity, PS4 DNS errors emerge.
  • Adjusting your DNS settings or restarting your device can fix connectivity problems on the PS4 platform.

You are receiving the NW-31253-4 or NW-31254-5 PS4 DNS issues because your DNS settings are incorrect, which is the cause of these error messages. You won’t be able to access PlayStation’s online services if any of these issues exist.

In this article, you may learn how to resolve the PS4 DNS problems NW-31253-4 and NW-31254-5.

It is important to note that all of the issues listed in this guide, including error codes NW-31250-1 and NW-31246-6, are addressed by the remedies provided in this guide.

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What is a DNS error on PS4?

The mapping of IP addresses to domain names relies on the DNS or domain name system. The problem messages appear when you attempt to connect to the internet on a PS4 using the wrong DNS servers.

When your network changes and the system tries to adapt your previous setup to the new networking settings, DNS problems on PS4 may also occur.

Related PS4 DNS error codes:

    • PS4 DNS error NW-31251-2 – which alludes to a different network issue unrelated to your DNS setup. When you see this issue, your computer’s inability to connect to Wi-Fi is indicated. Simply enter the correct network details in Settings > Network > Set Up Connection to repair it.
    • PS4 DNS error NW-33986-9 – comes as a result of incorrect DNS server settings. You can manually alter the DNS settings to use OpenDNS, Google DNS, or any other DNS server.
    • PS4 DNS error CE-33986-9 – indicates an issue with the internet connection. Go to Settings > Network and check the internet connection to see whether the PlayStation Network is down.

Pdanet PS4 DNS error, PS4 system error DNS server cannot be utilized, and PS4 download DNS error are other variations of similar connectivity issue messages.

How can I fix the PS4 DNS server errors?

1. Configure DNS manually [NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1 & NW-31246-6]

    1. Launch your PS4 and navigate to Settings.
    2. Select Set Up Internet Connection under Network after navigating there.
    3. Select a LAN or Wi-Fi internet connection type.
    4. Connect your ethernet cable or router.
    5. Select Custom configuration.
    6. Set Automatic as the IP Address Setting.
    7. Change it to Manual in the DNS Settings by going there.
    8. Enter the Primary: and Secondary: addresses for the Google DNS servers that are used by default.
    9. Press the Next key.
    10. Choose Automatic.
    11. Your proxy server’s Do Not Use option should be selected.

Note: Additional DNS servers may be used in Step 8. Take Open DNS, for instance: Primary:; Secondary: Settings for Cloudflare DNS: Primary:, Secondary:

You must reset your network settings if the issue persists even after configuring the proper DNS server settings. Carefully follow the instructions below.

2. Reset the PS4 settings

    1. Switch off your PS4 system.
    2. Both the router and the system should be unplugged.
    3. Let it stay like a way for 4 minutes.
    4. Switch to Safe Mode on the PS4.
    5. Use a dependable USB cable to connect your controller.
    6. Choose Restore Default Settings under Option 4.

Check to see if the PS4 DNS errors NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1, and NW-31246-6 are still occurring. This process was supposed to get rid of them all.

Don’t worry, and this method leaves your media files and game data intact. It merely restores the default values for your console’s settings and corrects the PS4 DNS issues.

PlayStation’s suggested solution for PS4 DNS problems is manually configuring the DNS settings. Therefore, altering your DNS settings would undoubtedly eliminate the nagging issues after resetting your console.

Following the methods mentioned above, your system displays the PS4 system error stating that the DNS server cannot be used. You won’t have any trouble using any of your PlayStation online services as long as your DNS servers are up and running.

You can contact support if the suggested fixes don’t work to fix these errors and the Pdanet PS4DNS error when tethering with your mobile device.

Visit the PlayStation support page and adhere to the guidelines there.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What does it imply when a DNS problem occurs on a PS4?

A DNS problem has occurred on PS4 what? When the PS4 cannot access the primary DNS server, an error message that reads “PS4, a DNS error has occurred” may appear. The error notice may appear to users, “No one can employ a DNS server. The time limit expired, and the DNS server did not respond.”

2. Why do I continue to receive DNS errors?

Most of the time, DNS errors are brought on by issues with the user’s network or internet connection, incorrectly configured DNS settings, or an out-of-date browser. They may also be related to a brief server outage that prevents DNS access.

3. When your PS4 won’t connect to the Internet, what does that mean?

If your PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi or the internet, one of the following factors is probably to blame: There’s a chance the PlayStation Network is down. There could be a problem with your router’s connectivity or more serious problems. Password problems could affect your Wi-Fi or console.

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