How to Fix the Printer Queue in Windows 10

How to Fix the Printer Queue in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to Fix the Printer Queue in Windows 10”

    • You may learn how to resolve the print queue issue when the same document keeps getting stuck printing below.
    • The problem can be swiftly resolved by cancelling the document from the What’s printing feature.
    • To restart the Spooler service, which handles your printing, uses Command Prompt.
    • It’s also beneficial to determine whether the device’s drivers need to be updated and do so.
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It can be highly inconvenient to experience printer queue issues with Windows 10, especially if the printer queue is stuck and the papers you have repeatedly printed over time keep printing.

You can’t even turn off the printer; you have to press the power button. However, in some circumstances, restarting your Windows 10 device and starting the printer will cause it to start printing immediately.

Additionally, the document can print multiple times if you mistakenly hit the print button a few times while trying to print something.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the problems with the printer queue have a very simple solution. Simply adhere to the instructions listed below.

How to fix stuck printer queue on PC

1. Cancel your documents

      1. Run can be accessed by pressing Windows Key + S.
      2. You must type Control Panel into the Run window, then click OK.
      3. You must right-click on your default printer under the Printers subject and select the See What’s Printing option from the menu that appears.
      4. In the window’s upper right corner, left-click the Printer icon.
        • You may have the File icon instead of the Printer symbol, in which case you must click on that.
      5. Now select the Cancel all documents option from the menu that has been displayed.
      6. All of the documents that are still waiting to print should be cancelled as a result.
        • You will also need to restart the device and try again if this doesn’t work.

    2. Restart the Spooler service

        1. Type CMD by pressing Windows Key + S.
        2. Go to Run and select Administrator.
        3. Enter after you enter the following command:
          • Net Stop Spooler
        4. then enter the command that follows:
          • del %systemroot%System32spoolprinters* /Q
        5. Enter the next command after that.
          • Net Start Spooler
        6. Everything ought to return to normal at this point.

      3. Check your printer drivers

      Check to see if your printer manufacturer has the drivers required to function on a Windows 10 device. The most recent version of your printer’s driver may be found on the manufacturer’s website, where you can also install it.

      We advise using a third-party program that will automatically download all the out-of-date drivers on your PC to protect yourself from any serious problems and ensure your papers don’t get stuck in the print queue.

      Using a professional tool has the advantages of saving time and minimizing the danger of damaging your PC.

      4. Use a different user account

      Some users attested to the fact that switching to another user account resolved their issue with their print queue not clearing. Therefore, it’s wonderful if you already have a second user account on your computer.

      Simply log in and verify that your printer functions properly on that account. Otherwise, make a fresh user account and test your printer once more.

      Now that your printer queue is operational once more, you can use your device without concern for a printer problem.


      I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

      User Questions

      1. How can I solve Windows’ print queue?

      Execute Services To open the services.msc window hit the Windows key + R, then enter. Right-click on Print Spooler Service and select Restart. Verify the printer is now operating regularly and that the operation has resolved the print spooler issue.

      2. In Windows 10, how can I restart my printer queue?

        1. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
        2. Scroll down to Spooler on the list under the Services tab.
        3. Examine the Status.
        4. Right-click it once more and choose Restart if the status is Running.

      3. Why doesn’t my printer print despite spooling?

      You could try the following methods to get around the spooling message when printing. b) Select Printer Properties by performing a right-click on your default printer. c) Select “Print straight to the printer” from the drop-down menu under “Advanced” at the top. 2) Consider stopping the spooling service.

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