How to Fix Font Size Problems in Photoshop

How to Fix Font Size Problems in Photoshop

Here we can see, “How to Fix Font Size Problems in Photoshop”

  • One of the most well-known programmes in the world for modifying images is Adobe Photoshop, which can also be used to edit text.
  • Try updating Photoshop to the most recent version if the text is too small. See the example below for details.
  • Change the type units by following our instructions if the Photoshop font size is too tiny.
  • Another possibility is to select a different font, among others, to resolve this problem. For more details, continue reading!
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How do I fix the Photoshop text size problem?

1. Select the Reset Character option

To return all text settings to their normal values, first, choose the Reset Character option. Any settings that might have affected the sizing and rendering of the fonts will be reversed by doing this.

By selecting Window, Character, and then tapping the fly-out menu button in the Character panel’s upper right corner, you can reset the text options to their default settings. To reset the choices to their default state, simply choose Reset Character.

2. Download the official version of Photoshop

You can sign up for a free seven-day trial during which you are free to try the product as much as you like.

Install the programme on your computer, uninstall any previous versions of Photoshop, and then restart your computer.

Like a regular free reinstall, downloading the official version of Adobe Photoshop will replace all damaged install files already present on your system.

3. Update Photoshop

Updates to Photoshop can fix flaws and problems with text size. Click Help and select Updates to see if Photoshop has any updates available. After that, a brief window will appear alerting you whether or not there are any new updates.

4. Switch the type units to pixels

    1. To see a submenu, pick Preferences from the Edit menu in Photoshop.
    2. Choose Unit & Rulers from the submenu to open the window displayed below.
    3. From the Type drop-down selection, choose pixels.
    4. To make the new changes effective, click the OK button.

Using the points unit, image resolution can significantly impact text size. How many pixels are used to depict a typeface point will change depending on the image quality.

As a result of the image’s high PPI quality, the text in your photo can appear to be too huge. Make the above-described switch from points to pixel units to obtain a more regular text size.

5. Deselect the Resample Image setting

    1. In Photoshop, click Image and Resize.
    2. To open the window directly below, choose Image Resize.
    3. If the option Resample Image is chosen, deselect it.
    4. In the Width and Height boxes, type the image’s precise proportions. When you right-click a file in File Explorer and choose Properties, then Details, you can get image dimension information.
    5. To close the window, click OK.
    6. In your image, choose a text box, and now change the font size.

Another way to resolve inconsistent font size issues in Adobe Photoshop is to deselect the Resample Image option.

6. Adjust text with Free Transform mode

The Free Transform Mode tool may be useful if the typeface looks small on a larger-scale image. By enlarging a bounding box, you can resize text with that tool.

Press the Ctrl + T keys after using the Horizontal Type Tool to enter some text. You can change the font’s size by sliding the bounding box’s edge with the left mouse button while holding down the Shift key.

7. Change the image’s font

There are not many fonts that perform poorly in Photoshop. They are the following fonts: 21kannmbn, SF Tattle Tales Condensed, ZEROGEBI, JH TITLES, GURAKH S, SCREEN, and Zippy.

Select the text and pick a different font if your image happens to use one of those fonts.

8. Clear the Windows Font Cache

    1. Then launch File Explorer and click this folder path:
      • C: > Windows > ServiceProfiles > LocalService > Appdata > Local
    2. Select Delete from the context menu by selecting the *FNTCACHE*.DAT or *FontCache*.DAT file.
    3. To clear Photoshop’s font cache, go to the following location in File Explorer:
      • Users > [user name] > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CC, 
        CC 2014, or CC 2015
    4. To delete the CT Font Cache folder, choose Delete from the context menu when you click it.

An efficient all-around solution for Photoshop font difficulties is to clear the Windows font cache. Open File Explorer to delete the system font cache.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I adjust Photoshop’s text size?

Select the text layer in the Layers panel to alter the size of every character in that layer. Choose between the Vertical Type tool or the Horizontal Type tool. Enter or choose a new size option value in the options bar.

2. How do I revert Photoshop’s font settings?

The settings you made in the Character panel (Window > Character) are saved by Photoshop. Leading, tracking, and horizontal scale are a few examples. Click the flyout menu in the Character panel and select Reset Character to return to the default settings.

3. Why does Photoshop alter the appearance of my font?

Start by examining the pixel aspect ratio of your page. Since PS’s Pixel Aspect is set to square, everything should be OK. Additionally, ensure the Character panel’s Horizontal scale is set to 100%. Verify paragraph styles, advanced character formats, and a 100% horizontal scale.

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