How to Fix Dell Pc Error Code 0146

How to Fix Dell Pc Error Code 0146

Here we can see, “How to Fix Dell Pc Error Code 0146”

  • Numerous problems can cause the error code 2000-0146 to appear. It might be a problem with the Windows Registry, an HDD issue, or even malware. In this piece, we address the issue from all sides.
  • You can get step-by-step instructions by using the built-in Windows utilities. Check out the recommended alternative applications if they are ineffective.

We’ll talk about a problem that affects Windows users on Dell computers today. If you use a Dell PC, you’ve probably run into the Dell Error Code 2000-0146, which stops software from responding and causes your computer to freeze.

Numerous reasons, including virus infections, Windows troubles, complex drive problems, and Windows Registry issues, slow performance, system crashes, and system freezes, are linked to the error problem. Additionally, error 0146 shows the hard disk’s logs of faults, which contribute to the hard drive issue.

On Windows Report, we do our best to offer solutions to various PC issues. Some possible solutions to the Dell PC problem 0146

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How to fix Dell PC error code 0146

Solution 1: Run a full system scan

    1. To start the program, go to Start, type “defender,” and then double-click Windows Defender.
    2. Pick the shield icon from the left-hand pane.
    3. Select the Advanced scan option in the newly opened box.
    4. To start a full system malware scan, select the full scan checkbox.

The error code 0146 may appear due to hard drive corruption brought on by a virus. Run a complete system scan on your computer to eliminate any virus contamination.

You can use Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus program, though.

Once you have finished scanning your computer, it is essential to eliminate all viruses; depending on the antivirus program you are using, the option may be clean or delete. This will unquestionably fix the PC error code 0146 issue.

Solution 2: Run Disk CheckUp

Disk cleansing is another technique to resolve the error issue on a Windows computer. A Windows utility tool called Disk Cleanup helps you remove extra files from your hard drive to clear up space.

It also deletes unneeded system files, clears the Recycle Bin, and removes temporary files, all of which could cause error 0146 issues. How to use Disk Cleanup is as follows:

    1. Hit Enter after typing “Disk Cleanup” in the Start menu.
    2. Let Disk cleaning scan your drive first (s).
    3. Check the Temporary files box after the scan is finished, and then click OK to remove.
    4. To continue, select remove files.

Solution 3: Repair PC Registry

The utility software checks the consistency of all system files and, when practical, fixes problematic files. To do an SFC scan on any Windows version, follow these steps:

    1. Search for cmd in the Start menu, right-click Command Prompt, and choose Run as Administrator.
    2. Now, enter the command sfc /scannow.
    3. Restarting your computer after the scanning procedure is finished is recommended. On reboot, all damaged files will be replaced.

Using a specialized tool is the simplest way to fix your Windows registry. Alternatively, you can examine for system file corruption using Microsoft’s System File Checker.

Solution 4: Run PSA Diagnostics

PSA Diagnostics, a built-in diagnostics application, is included with every Dell desktop or laptop. On your Dell computer, this diagnostic program does troubleshooting and can resolve any problems, including the error code 0146. How to use PSA Diagnostics is as follows:

    1. Reboot your Dell computer.
    2. Till the Dell logo shows, constantly press the F12 key. A One Time Boot Menu will eventually appear.
    3. To highlight the PSA Diagnostics option, immediately use the Down Arrow on your keyboard.
    4. Press the Enter key.
    5. The PSA will then launch on its own. To fix the error, simply follow the instructions.

Solution 5: Reset BIOS Settings

System settings in BIOS control PC functionality and performance. To resolve error number 0146, your computer’s BIOS settings may need to be reset to their default configuration. To reset the BIOS on a Dell computer, follow these steps:

    1. Restart your Dell computer to get started.
    2. In order to bring up the System Setup screen window, continually press the F2 key.
    3. Right-click your keyboard’s arrow now, and then wait until the Exit menu is selected.
    4. Press the Down Arrow on your keyboard after that to choose the option for Load Optimized Defaults.
    5. Finally, press the Enter key.

Solution 6: Run System restore in safe mode

Your Windows computer’s error issue can also be resolved by running system restore. Safe mode is a Windows diagnostics mode that starts your computer with only the most fundamental drivers and files active.

To go back to a specific restore point on your system without the error notice displaying at startup, you can run a system restore in safe mode. How to do it is as follows:

    1. Restart your computer after shutting it off.
    2. Enter after selecting the Run in Safe Mode option on the menu.
    3. Press Enter after entering system restore in the Start menu.
    4. To go back to a certain restoration point, follow the on-screen instructions.
    5. Wait for the procedure to finish, then restart.

Solution 7: Run your PC in Safe Mode and Clean Boot

Restarting your computer in safe mode and clearing the boot can also resolve the error issue. To be safe, make sure to unplug any attached devices, including your router, wireless printer, modem, and Wi-Fi adaptor. Here’s how to clean boot your computer and operate it in safe mode:

    1. Turn off your PC.
    2. Restart your computer. F8 should be pressed and held. (Await the appearance of the Windows logo)
    3. Press the Enter key after selecting Safe mode with networking.
    4. Select Start. Press the Windows key and R > To launch System Configuration Utility, type msconfig and press Enter.
    5. Selective starting should be selected after selecting the General tab in the System Configuration Utility window.
    6. Therefore, click Services and uncheck the box next to Load startup items.
    7. After that, enable all and check the box to hide all Microsoft services.

Solution 8: Replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Finally, if your PC’s HDD is bad, you might need to replace it. In order to access the files and folders on the PC, you can remove your HDD and connect it to another PC. This will allow you to backup crucial files for security.

You should definitely get a new PC if the new one cannot recognize and access the HDD. The new HDD is available through your PC manufacturer’s online retailer, Amazon, and your neighborhood computer store. However, we strongly advise hiring a skilled computer engineer to perform the replacement.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I fix the Dell error code 0146?

    1. Take advantage of antivirus or anti-malware software.
    2. Run the computer or laptop in Safe Mode with a clean boot.
    3. Scan your files with the System File Checker (SFC).
    4. The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) settings need to be modified.
    5. Launch Disk Cleanup.
    6. Start PSA Diagnostics.
    7. Change the hard drive.

2. Can I repair my own hard drive?

No matter what unqualified individuals on the Internet might claim regarding freezers, ovens, and hammer tests, there are no do-it-yourself alternatives to professional hard drive repair. Hard drive repairs require sensitive work that data recovery firms can reliably do with expert cleanroom labs and knowledgeable experts.

3. Can the hard disk of a Dell be fixed?

You are prepared to replace or upgrade your failed hard drive now that you know how to backup and restore your data. Some hard disk failures in Dell laptops cannot be fixed, especially when they are caused by physical trauma or aging. Your only choices in this situation are to improve the drive or replace it.

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