First Class Trouble Brings Social Deduction Hijinks to PS4 & PS5

First Class Trouble Brings Social Deduction Hijinks to PS4 & PS5

Passengers looking for agents of a rogue AI on a luxury spaceship will need to widen the search when first-class Trouble arrives on PS4 and PS5.

Publisher Versus Evil revealed that first-class Trouble, a social deduction game developed by Invisible Walls, will be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5. the sport debuted in April 2021 in early access on Steam and received largely positive reviews upon its release. The sport joins a wave of other social deduction games within the wake of Among Us’s success over the past year.

First Class Trouble takes place on a luxury spaceship and supports games of up to 6 players. The group is separated into four Residents and two Personoids. The Residents’ goal is to succeed in the middle of the ship and pack up the Central AI Network, or CAIN, while the Personoids seek to prevent them while masquerading as a Resident. The premise has drawn comparisons to Among Us and other recent social deduction games. Still, its full 3D characters and environments and a 1950s retro-futurist aesthetic set first-class Trouble aside from the pack.

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An official PlayStation blog post coincided with a replacement trailer by Versus Evil to announce that the sport will debut for both PS4 and PS5. No release date was included within the announcement, but the title may arrive on PlayStation at an equivalent time it leaves early access on Steam. The developer has previously stated that it estimates first-class Trouble will have a full release six to 12 months after its early access launch.

In its announcement, the publisher revealed that the PlayStation version of the sport would include unique features using the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback. Interacting with live wires, thrown bottles, and uncontrolled fire will produce a response from the controller, unavailable in other versions of the sport. The controller also will produce audio feedback when events like loud explosions or muffled screams occur near the player, providing vital clues to assist them in unmasking the Personoids.

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The arrival of first-class Trouble on PS4 and PS5 could give the sport the boost it must thrive. While the sport initially earned a warm reception, the player count has dropped in recent months, leaving it in an uncertain state of limbo. On PlayStation consoles, the sport will have another chance to usher in more players and discover its future success. While the social deduction craze has dropped from its peak, fans are still invested enough to mod characters from games like Among Us into other titles. When first-class Trouble involves PlayStation, if the sport becomes popular enough, it might be during a position to bring back a number of the old excitement for the social deduction genre.

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