How to Find the Serial Number of Your Adobe Product

How to Find the Serial Number of Your Adobe Product

Here we can see, “How to Find the Serial Number of Your Adobe Product”

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to locate the serial number for an Adobe product.
  • If you’re thinking the same thing, read the tutorial below to get all the information you need.

The Adobeapplication suite can only be used properly if you have an activated license, however some individuals have difficulties obtaining their serial number.

This might be aggravating, especially if you need to activate your Adobe programs quickly to complete a project or accomplish office work. But have no fear; we have a solution for you.

We’ll go over the best ways to find your Adobe serial number/code in today’s how-to guide, as we’ll be covering a wide range of scenarios to ensure that your issue is resolved.

Please be sure you locate the precise circumstance described in this article, and then carefully follow the instructions outlined to avoid any problems. Then, continue reading to learn more about how to achieve this quickly.

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How can I find the serial number of my Adobe product?

1. Creative Cloud app asking for a serial number

If one or more of your Adobe Creative Cloud programs asks for a serial number, this is almost certainly an error, as this information is not required.

2. If the product was purchased from

You may find your license list by signing into your Adobe account if you acquired your Adobe app license via the official website or if you already registered your application license. Take the following steps:

    1. Sign in to your Adobe Account.
    2. Order History can be accessed from the left-hand panel.
    3. Click the order number in the Order column on the Order History screen.
    4. On the newly opened screen, your serial number will be displayed.

3. If you still own the product packaging or the redemption code from the reseller

    • Prepaid card — the redemption code can be located on the back of your card under the scratch-off foil.
    • Product box – the code (24–digit numeric code) can be found on the disk sleeve/Windows DVD sleeve or inside the product box.
    • Look for an email from the reseller with the code in your inbox.

We looked at the best ways to get the serial number from Adobe in today’s how-to, and we tried to cover a variety of scenarios. So please be sure to look through the list for your individual situation and follow the instructions outlined.

We hope you found this tutorial to be helpful and that you were able to locate your Adobe serial number quickly and easily. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions for this topic and whether this tutorial successfully resolved your issue.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does my Adobe serial number appear to be invalid?

Suppose you encounter a notice like the ones below when trying to install your software, claiming that the serial number you’re using is invalid or has been revoked. In that case, it’s because Adobe has prohibited the serial number you’re trying to use.

2. How can I utilize the serial number for Adobe Photoshop?

To activate your subscription, simply sign in with your Adobe ID. If you bought a stand-alone version of a product (for example, Acrobat XI or Photoshop Elements) on a card, as a download, or on discs in a box, you’d need your serial number to install it.

3. Is there a difference between a product number and a serial number?

Your product’s serial number is a unique sequence of numbers and/or letters used to identify it. The serial number for your product can be located in one of the following places: On the machine’s backside.

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