How to Fix Fifa 21 Black Screen Issues on Pc

How to Fix Fifa 21 Black Screen Issues on Pc

Here we can see, “How to Fix Fifa 21 Black Screen Issues on Pc”

  • FIFA 21 is one of the world’s most popular sports video game franchises.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to play it because some users have experienced black screen troubles when starting the game.

FIFA 21 is the most recent installment in the FIFA video game franchise, and it includes a slew of new features.

However, the series has a history of having issues in the first few weeks of each new version.

Many users have reported that their screen turns black when they try to start their FIFA 21 game, and nothing happens.

The official forums are flooded with individuals reporting this problem, so it appears to be a persistent issue.

i donwloaded Fifa 21 yesterday but when i try to launch the game it opens but it’s just a blackscreen nothing really happen. I tried a lot of troubleshooting steps, i reinstalled and everything but still nothing.

According to players, the game simply launches into a black screen rather than truly crashing.

When a game performs in this manner, it usually has something to do with the graphics hardware.

If you have the same problems, this page contains a list of possible solutions you might attempt.

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How do I fix black screens in FIFA 21?

1. Update your video drivers

1.1 Update your video drivers with Windows Update

    1. Select Settings in Windows (cogwheel icon near the bottom)
    2. Select updates and security.
    3. Check for updates by clicking

1.2. Update your video drivers using the Device Manager

    1. Press Windows + X
    2. Select Device Manager
    3. Select Display adapters
    4. Right-click them and select Update driver
    5. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software

1.3. Update your video drivers from the manufacturer’s website

Check out the links below for a complete list of the most common video drivers:

    • Updates to NVIDIA drivers
    • Updates to AMD drivers
    • Updates to Intel drivers
    • Updates for HP drivers
    • Updates for Dell drivers
    • Updates to Lenovo drivers

Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent driver for your graphics card.

    1. Press Windows + X
    2. Select Device Manager
    3. Select Display adapters
    4. Right-click them and select Update driver
    5. Choose Browse my computer for driver software
    6. Browse for where you installed the driver in step 1
    7. Wait for it to update</li>

1.4. Use a third-party driver updater

You could attempt the techniques described above to update your drivers, but human error is always possible.

This will go away if you use a third-party driver updater like DriverFix.

This is because DriverFix saves you the time you’d spend manually going to each manufacturer’s website to get drivers.

Furthermore, DirverFix always downloads the correct driver and the most recent version.

Finally, the libraries that underlie DriverFix enable it to manage missing or faulty drivers on your system, allowing your PC to run at peak efficiency from a driver standpoint.

2. Check to see if your PC can actually  handle FIFA 21

Run a Dxdiag by following these steps:

    1. Press Windows
    2. Type in dxdiag
    3. This will prompt DxDiag to open, check to see if there’s a button that says Run 64-bit DxDiag
      • Click it, if exists
      • If it doesn’t, DxDiag will just run the 32-bit version by default
    4. If it doesn’t, DxDiag will default to running the 32-bit version.
    5. Allow the green bar at the bottom of the window to load before proceeding fully.
    6. When the bar has finished loading, look up the information for your system.

Many players are unaware of FIFA 21’s minimum system requirements, which may seem obvious.

If that’s the case, check FIFA 21’s system requirements on EA’s official website.

The game will not even load correctly if your system requirements are much below FIFA 21’s minimal requirements.

3. Set the game to the lowest possible settings, and run it again

If the gap between your system’s specs and the minimal needs isn’t too large, you could attempt running the game with the cheapest visual card available.

4. Wait for a patch

Because games aren’t usually optimized right away, keep an eye on the Electronic Arts forums for the most recent FIFA 21 patch notes.

You should now be able to play FIFA 21 without any black displays if you follow these procedures.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I repair the graphics in FIFA 21 on my PC?

Select FIFA 21 in the Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings. Set the value to 30 and enable “Max FPS Limit.” This will force the GPU to render the game at 30 frames per second. The advantage is that you’ll be able to play the game at high settings while maintaining a consistent FPS and frame rate.

2. How do I get FIFA 21 to stop loading?

Attempt to uninstall and reinstall the game. Any file difficulties or corrupt files can be fixed with a clean install. If the problem persists, try performing a clean boot to determine if any programs interfere with the game.

3. How can I get rid of the dark screen in FIFA?

Right-click on FIFA 22 in the Origin launcher’s My Game Library section on the left side. Then select the Gear icon, followed by the Repair option. You must now wait a few minutes for it to reach 100% completion. The game can then be played.

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