Fan-Made PT Game Links Blooper Team to Silent Hill!

Fan-Made PT Game Links Blooper Team to Silent Hill!

Back in early July, it had been revealed that a deal had been struck between Konami and predominantly horror game-based developer ‘Blooper Team’ that would potentially see them have full licensed access to the Silent Hill franchise. – Following the official announcement of the partnership from both companies, however, it should be noted that neither made any specific comments regarding any particular gaming project/s currently in development, and positively nothing regard Silent Hill.

It was, though, just the only logical conclusion to draw at the time. Particularly when a developer, documented for their horror titles (such as Blair Witch, The Medium, Layers of Fear, etc.) had managed to enter into an effect, a publisher who (arguably) has the rights to the most important (gaming) horror franchise around! – Initially, such links were, however, somewhat downplayed when Blooper Team issued a rather vague follow-up statement during which they felt compelled to deny any current ‘Silent Hill projects, but notably without going as far on deny any potential work thereon within the future.

So, with no further official updates, nothing was confirmed since there was tons of potential on offer here. – Well, while that also seems to be the case, during a completely absent-minded review of older Silent Hill news last night, I accidentally stumbled across rather a stimulating coincidence. One that links a Silent Hill fan game project on to Blooper Team!

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Silent Hill PT Fan Game Offers Direct Link To Blooper Team

In 2018, an exceptionally polished fan remake of the ill-fated Silent Hills PT (Playable Teaser) was released. The creator of it, Artur Łączkowski, stated that although he was entirely aware that, sooner or later, Konami would probably shut his project down, he created it out of his love for the franchise and his apparent frustration that they were effectively letting one among gaming biggest franchises lie dormant. – His ‘PT Demo’ ended with him revealing his intention to remake Silent Hill 2 completely.

What’s the link here, though? Well, remember that deal above between Konami and Blooper Team? Well, guess who Artur Łączkowski is functioning for these days? Yes! He’s employed as a designer for Blooper Team! So – in a nutshell, the creator of arguably one among the foremost impressive Silent Hill fan-made projects happens to now be working for a developer who features a confirmed effect Konami in situ.

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Maybe A Coincidence, But…

Admittedly, this might alright be a coincidence. However, it had been abundantly clear from his PT project that Artur Łączkowski was a talented game designer. As such, he was getting employment with a developer based within his (apparently – I’m not stalking him!) home country seems to make sense. – While his employment with the developer does seem to possess started a big-time before the deal between Blooper Team and Konami being announced, however, it does make me wonder if his private ‘fan game’ work, specifically supported Silent Hill, was a substantial think about this partnership between made.

It always seemed probable that Blooper Team would’ve had to submit some ‘concept’ work to Konami to point out what they might do if given access to their franchise/s. But, you know, to ultimately ‘win’ the contract since it’s understood ‘Bluepoint’ had also pitched themselves for the work. – Was it Artur Łączkowski’s ‘PT’ project that swung things in Blooper Teams’ favor, though? Was it something from his ‘Silent Hill 2 Remake’? – I don’t know, and maybe I never will. But upon discovering the coincidence (and, let’s face it, it’s a huge one), it certainly made me raise an eyebrow.

On the entire thought, and a minimum of at the time of writing, I feel I’m largely getting to chalk this up as being merely a coincidence. Any way you check it out, though, and no matter whether Artur Łączkowski was an element during this partnership between Konami and Blooper being made or not, I daresay he will undoubtedly be thrilled at the prospect of probably having the ability to figure on a franchise he so clearly loves. And thoroughly deserves his amazing solo work!

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