Facebook Loses 30% Downloads as TikTok Numbers Go Up!

Facebook Loses 30% Downloads as TikTok Numbers Go Up!
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Facebook Loses 30% Downloads as TikTok Numbers Go Up!

Facebook is presently fighting to convince both their long-time users to choose to enable tracking programs. However, it now appears this is not the only thing that’s been impacting the business as yet another competitor appears like it’s carrying a chunk of downloads in the favorite program.

Facebook Drops 30%

According to AppFigures, a particular app analysis company, Facebook’s social networking program Facebook has lost a whopping 30 percent of its downloads equally within Google Play and the Program shop in contrast to the previous year! The analyst then notes Facebook’s cellular program has recorded a mean of approximately 15 million downloads per week back from May 2020.

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The program, nevertheless, is currently not even exceeding 11 million downloads on either Android and iOS amounts united. Quite interestingly, the very first considerable fall in Facebook downloads occurred back in June of 2020 was shortly after Apple had declared the brand new iOS 14, which came with a great deal of brand new privacy features.

Facebook Loses Downloads

Based on this announcement revealed in the narrative from 9to5mac, in May 2020, Facebook’s downloads for the Facebook flagship, in addition to the lite programs, had averaged a whopping 15M every week. This can be across the two Google Play and the App Store and predicated upon the analysts’ estimates.

It had been discovered that by June, the amount had dropped back to 13M and quickly forward into the current April 2021. The amount is currently only roaming nicely beneath 11M. AppFigures currently point out that Facebook has allegedly seen some slopes as soon as it comes to downloads earlier.

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TikTok Growing Downloads

That is the first time in a very long time, but the amounts have allegedly dropped substantially for just a year. Though the reasons are not revealed by the provider formally, the analyst company joins the dots and believes that this may be mostly regarding the overall growth of TikTok!

The company also disclosed that TikTok now stays the most downloaded program in Google Play and the App Store. The program reportedly includes a total of a whopping 52 million downloads straight ago into April 2021 alone. Only about the iOS App Store, Facebook has listed only 9.9 million downloads each month while TikTok received a huge 15.9 million downloads!

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Privacy is one of those concerns which have caused a range of users to opt to stay away from Facebook. However, considering that the brand’s newest iOS 14 was formally introduced using quite a few different privacy attributes, the business that Mark Zuckerberg headed has taken a stand contrary to many of the modifications which Apple enforced. The modifications would allegedly incorporate the Program Tracking Transparency alternative and the solitude labels provided on the App Store.