Exynos 2200 leaked specs might have one important catch

Exynos 2200 leaked specs might have one important catch

Apple just launched the iPhone 13 with its new A15 Bionic processor, and, naturally, it’s already being hailed because the fastest within the mobile market, especially in graphics performance, which may not matter much to Android manufacturers who can’t use the chip anyway, so Samsung, Xiaomi, et al. are fighting during a different arena. A minimum of for Samsung, which may not be a problem if this new information about the upcoming Exynos 2200 with AMD graphics is accurate on the mark.

Depending on which benchmark you check out, the Exynos 2200 could either be too good to be true or disappointing. The discrepancies, however, can easily be explained away by taking under consideration things like throttling, early prototypes, and therefore the like. Now that we’re getting on the brink of the Galaxy S22’s production, however, the specs for the processor should even be settling down.

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Following recent trends, the system-on-chip possesses one Cortex-X2 at 2.9GHz, three cores running at 2.8GHz, and 4 cores at 2.2GHz. Although not named, these are believed to be the new Cortex-A710 and Cortex-A510 that Arm announced months back. @Ice Universe does give some somewhat optimistic figures regarding the clock frequencies of the Exynos 2200’s cores.

Another notable figure is that the AMD GPU’s 1250Mhz. Considering the raw numbers alone, this is often pretty impressive for a mobile graphics chip. It’s more potent than anything within the Android market thus far, but it’s challenging to match it with the performance of a desktop or maybe laptop GPU.

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The one caveat to those impressive frequencies is that the Galaxy S22 won’t always run at that speed. Thermal management will be a critical think about reducing the Exynos 2200’s power, and there are some worries that AMD’s past might come to haunt Samsung. There’s also the likelihood that Samsung will throttle either the Exynos 2200 or the Snapdragon 898 so that the 2 reach some level of parity when it involves performance.