EXCLUSIVE: Vertigo will immerse players in an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired thriller

EXCLUSIVE: Vertigo will immerse players in an Alfred Hitchcock-inspired thriller

The trailer for Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo has been published, and it promises a mind-bending mystery based on the works of the namesake filmmaker.

The debut trailer for Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, a new indie horror game, has been revealed. The game had its premiere earlier this year during the Guerrilla Collective showcase at E3 2021, and its connection to Alfred Hitchcock piqued the interest of gamers and cinema fans alike.

Some have chastised Vertigo for using Alfred Hitchcock’s name, although the original material only served as inspiration for the game. Given the director’s influence on so many films, games, and other forms of media and fiction, it’s notable that this one chose to license the title of one of his best works as well as his name. Regardless, the game’s release is approaching, and Hitchock fans will soon be able to assess whether it lives up to his name and history.

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The launch trailer for Alfred Hitchcock – Publisher Microids made vertigo, and it sets up the same intriguing, interconnected storyline that is conjured initially by the film itself. Repressed memories and, of course, vertigo are used in the game to convey a mystery story of a man who believes his family died in a vehicle accident in which he was somehow unharmed. Vertigo will let players take on the roles of three separate individuals as they try to solve the mysteries that have been set in motion. However, none is directly related to Alfred Hitchcock’s original film. Although other mystery-detective games, such as L.A. Noire, have paid homage to Alfred Hitchcock, even mentioning his name in-game, this is the first time one of his films has been licensed out for an entire game. The trailer is included below, courtesy of Screen Rant Plus.

It’s unclear whether there are any other overt parallels to the film beyond its aesthetic and thematic components, although there are sure to be some Hitchcock Easter eggs for enthusiasts. Hitchcock is widely regarded as one of the essential film filmmakers of all time. Thus it’s only natural that Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo would be influenced by his work, even if it isn’t directly tied to it. Only time will tell how much inspiration it draws from the director, but it’s an intriguing gaming concept.

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For the indie game scene, the last decade has been promising. So, maybe, this one can capitalize on Alfred Hitchcock’s name and Vertigo’s fame. There are already a lot of great mystery games out there, so this one has a lot to live up to – but thanks to its name, it will at least stand out among the many fantastic independent games on the market.

On December 16, Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo will be available on Steam. In 2022, it will be released on consoles.

Source: Screen Rant Plus