EU Apple Pay probe moves forward as antitrust issues pile up

EU Apple Pay probe moves forward as antitrust issues pile up
Source: iMore

Apple’s antitrust worries are continued to stack up since the EU’s competition commissioner says that the bloc will press using a probe to Apple Pay.

By Bloomberg:

While Apple Inc.’s attentions turned into a California court conflict with Epic Games Inc., Europe’s top antitrust enforcer issued a reminder that the tech giant’s most legal struggles across the Atlantic will also be warming up. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager cautioned that a probe to the business’s Apple Purchase product is moving forward along with an evaluation — dropped a month — to just how the iPhone manufacturer demands software developers to utilize its in-app purchasing platform.

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In a meeting, Vestager explained that the Apple Pay evaluation was “very sophisticated” and “something which we are pushing ahead.”

The EU declared formal antitrust research to the Apple Pay along with the App Store in June of 2020, by this report:

The EU has declared a formal investigation into potential antitrust practices performed by Apple concerning Apple Pay and the App Store.

In a media launch, the European Commission said:

The European Commission has started a formal antitrust evaluation to evaluate if Apple’s behavior in relationship with Apple Pay heeds EU competition principles. The analysis concerns Apple’s provisions, requirements, and other steps for integrating Apple Purchase retailer programs and sites around iPhones along with iPads, Apple’s limit of access into the Near Field Communication (NFC) performance (“tap and go”) onto iPhones for payments from shops, along with also alleged refusals of access to Apple Pay.

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Vestager states the EU can also be paying careful attention to Apple’s continuing trial against Epic Games. This week, Apple started its defense of this iOS ecosystem along with the App Store. In April, the EU declared its preliminary findings from its investigation of a complaint made by Spotify, saying that Apple had been in breach of EU competition law by charging commission to competitions within the App Store while conducting its music streaming support in Apple Music.