error code ce-34878-0

error code ce-34878-0

Here we can see “error code ce-34878-0

[PS4/5] ERROR MESSAGE: CE-34878-0

If you’re playing on the PlayStation 4 or 5 and have encountered a mistake message that reads CE-34878-0, you’ve come to the proper place. 

CE-34878-0 may be a general error, one that indicates the sport you were playing has crashed. Hopefully, you will be ready to restart the sport after the crash and devour where you left off.

However, if you’re continuing to receive the CE-34878-0 error, there could also be another step you’ll fancy to resolve the difficulty.

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Restart your console:

  • Please turn off your console, then turn it back on.

Make sure your game software is up to date:

  • Then, go to the PlayStation home screen. 
  • Highlight the sport you’re playing and press the choices button on your controller.
  • Select “Check For Update” and install any available updates.

Make sure your system’s software has the major recent update:


  • Select Settings at the highest of the PlayStation home screen.
  • Next, choose “System Software Update” and permit any system updates to put in.
  • Reboot your PlayStation 4.


  • Select “Settings” at the highest of the PlayStation home screen.
  • Choose “System” > “System Software Update Settings”
  • Allow your system to put in the updates.
  • Reboot when completed.

Clear your PlayStation’s cache:

  • If you’ve never cleared your console’s cache, head right this manner over to our walkthrough on the way to do so. 

Uninstall/reinstall your game: 

  • So you are still having problems? OK, you’ll want to believe uninstalling/reinstalling the sport experiencing the error. 
    • Before you do this, upload your save game to the cloud (or to a USB storage device). That way, you will not lose your progress and need to start over once you’ve reinstalled.
    • Once you can uninstall your game data from the console, follow this guide for PS4 or this guide for PS5.

Reinstall the first hard drive:

  • This is as long as you’ve got upgraded your PS4’s disk drive (read: replaced it with a bigger one). After that, Sony suggests reinstalling the first disk drive that came with the console. 

If none of those steps has helped, you ought to reach bent PlayStation Support.

User Questions:

1. PS4 error code CE-34878-0 ?.

Blue screens for years and still not fixed ?! Switched to PS4 due to the snot that shoots up every game.

And the same thing continues on PS4.

Five crashes in five days, in one game. I can delete the map; it’s broken like every other map before!

I can throw LS19 within the bin.

That says no more and no less than a process; here, the currently active game crashed on the console and had to be ended! This is often almost like one among the dreaded Blue Screens (BSOD) on a Windows PC system.

Is there the ONE error that’s displayed with the error number CE-34878-0?

2. Error (CE-34878-0) whenever I attempt to load single-player offline or co-op

It seems OK now in reducing (limiting) size and complexity (but stays remains Hughe for one Player) of my base, and that I agree is frustrating, especially once you spent days thereon, but this is often the sole solution a number of us found before Funcom will release a patch against this problem(s).

Don’t forget to send the PS4 Crash Report that (may automatically) generates. PSN ships this CR to Funcom.

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3. For PS4 eyes only: Black Screens/Crashes/ error code: CE-34878-0

I experienced a system crash on both my PS4’s; same scenario, same error code: CE-34878-0.

The crash always occurs after equivalent exacts steps:

-wake-up console

-log-in into my profile

-start World of Tanks

black screen – no more interaction possible from the controller;

Manual shut-down from the facility on/off button;

restart, and PS4 goes into recovery mode and self-cleaning;

I contacted Sony after I made specific WoT code wasn’t the culprit;

If you ever get a black screen and error code CE-34878-0, it means you’ve got some corrupted data within the lines of code somewhere. We did an in-depth set of tests, and it seems that Sony recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps of upload speed for a “healthy” connection to the servers.

My nominal upload speed is 3 Mbps, as per the plan I even have subscribed to, but I noticed that I even have but 1 Mbps during peak hours.

According to Sony, but 1 Mbps would contribute to packet losses, leading to data corruption.

4. PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0

I am constantly getting hard crashes and booted from the sport with the error code CE-34878-0. I even have tried everything to urge it to prevent erroring out, starting with reinstalling the mark and ending with messing with my network settings. As a result, trove is filled up my Error Logs on my PS4.

Is there any fix for this? I even have reinstalled the sport multiple times. I even have checked for updates. I even have reinitialized the console. I even have changed the Network settings. No other game has this problem on my PS4.

5. CE-34878-0 on PS4 – ITS BACK

I wouldn’t. I mean, it’s always possible that it’s a legit issue with only your system, but this is often an old bug that has decided to form its way back to the sport. It generally happens 40 – 50 minutes in, towards the top of a game, right before the POTG sequence. If you search “CE-34878-0” within the forums, it’s last appearance was last September/October. I commit it to memory cause I replaced my PS4 HD to ascertain if that might fix it. Nothing worked until they did a patch either on the sport or the server-side. I would like to mention it had been the server-side, but I might be wrong