epson printer paper jam but no paper

epson printer paper jam but no paper

Here we can see “Epson printer paper jam but no paper

How to fix the paper jam Or False Error in the Epson printer?

Sometimes, it happens that the Epson printer shows paper jams, and it won’t print, but there’s no paper jam in real. If you’re sure there’s no piece of paper somewhere inside the printer, then try these methods to repair this problem:

Fix False Paper Jam Error

1- Unplug the printer by unplugging the facility cable while the printer is “ON” and leave it unplugged for half-hour.

2- Plug the facility cable back within the printer. Sometimes, these steps can reset the printer showing a “paper jam” error.

Sometimes, there might be something stuck inside the printer that will be preventing the printer from printing a document, and it’s going to be blocking the sensor path along the paper path somewhere where you can’t see.

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It doesn’t take an excessive amount of paper to dam the Epson printer:

Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam

1- Remove the Toner cartridge (if present), then gently and punctiliously give the printer a couple of upside-down shakes

2- Try removing all the cartridges from the Epson Inkjet printer and reinstall them one at a time.

3- Now, move the carriage to the left, then bring it back to the standard position.

4- you’ll repeat this step 5-6 times.

5- Re-position the encoder strip of the print head carriage (sometimes it’s going to be out of its place and activate the sensor that shows the paper jam error message continuously).

6- confirm that the paper input tray isn’t overfilled.

7- Verify that paper isn’t placed too tightly within the paper tray.

8- Prepare one sheet of the thick paper-like glossy paper and with the printer turned off, gently slide the sheet of the paper through the paper path of the Epson printer. In this manner, you’ll be ready to reset the paper switch, and it’ll assist you in pushing anything out that’s stuck within the paper’s path, which will be blocking the printer from printing.

9- If the Epson printer still shows the Paper jam error message, it indicates a hardware failure like the paper sensor flag either got broken or stuck when a paper was jammed, and you tried to pull it out from the printer forcefully.

Check if the sensor moves freely, verify that they’re within the correct position and if you don’t discover anything wrong, bring the printer to the local fix-it shop and obtain it repaired.

Troubleshooting Tips

Usually, in most cases, this problem occurs thanks to an unclean or jammed sensor flag within the printer. Look inside the printer through the paper path for the stuck sensor arm. Paper sensor flags are usually located near the paper feeds and where the paper comes from the printer. The paper must smoothly undergo these sensors because it moves through its path.

Suppose a bit of paper (even the littlest piece of paper) or a pin or any outside material is stuck inside the printer. In that case, it’s going to block the paper sheet to maneuver through its desired path, and therefore the false paper jam error message shows abreast of the printer.

The best way is to manually run a thick sheet of paper through the paper path to see if the paper moves freely and ensure nothing is stuck inside. Blocking the paper from maneuvering within the direction is generally moving.

After performing these steps, if your Epson printer remains giving the “Paper jam” error message, the explanation for the error may be a broken sensor strip, and you have the choice to bring the printer to a repair center to urge it fixed.

If the printer is a smaller amount than a year old, otherwise you have an extended warranty for the printer, you’ll catch on replaced for free of charge of cost by contacting the official Epson toll-free no.

We hope all this information Helps you Fix the Paper Jam in Epson Printer Or the False Error if you’ve got any.

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