Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review

Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review

Here we can see, “Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review”


The Epos Adapt 560 is much like a business-centric headset but designed and located for retail users. The headphones are inquisitive about communications, with excellent connectivity choices, solid and transparent sound, and tuning involved invoices. With a rising focal point on working from home, the headphones may serve many users well. 

However, the sound quality for the track could be very strange at the Epos Adapt 560, and the fee could be very high for what’s on offer. There is energetic noise cancellation and excellent battery life, but all of this does not justify the Rs. 29,990 price tag, and assists in keeping the Epos Adapt 560 a niche product with restricted possible.



Brand Epos
Model Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones
Model Number Adapt 560
Type Headphones
Headphone Type On-Ear
Connectivity Wireless
Product details
Microphone Yes
Foldable Yes
Driver Type Dynamic
Connectivity features
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 5
Bluetooth Codec Support SBC,AAC,aptX
Battery features
Charging Port USB Type-C
Battery Life (Hrs) 34

Design and Fit

Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review

The cans come within a compact and nice carry case with a soft fabric outside. The situation and the cans in Black seem very professional but might be dull for some. However, I enjoy Black cans, so I’m not complaining. Anyhow, the Adapt 560 follows the regular circumaural design, but it’s not a significant headphone. It hardly cups your ears. And considering I’m not a large fan of cans — because I’ve got a major head and that I sweat easily — I was rather surprised by how comfortable those were.

Yes, even my pinna began hurting after a few hours. However, a couple of minutes together with all the headphones off my mind solved this problem. I would rate these tremendously on the comfort factor since the padding on the headband, and the imitation leather earcups felt soft and comfortable on my enormous head. On the exterior of the earcups, you are going to locate the mics for outside sound cancellation. Additionally, the most significant addition is that the boom extension arm microphone. By default, if not being used, it’s tucked away to the exterior of the ideal earcup. If you would like to utilize it, only push it out, and it’ll reach halfway to a mouth, making it effortless to have a dialogue.

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The whole cans are made from plastic, and the headband delivers a reasonable bit of bend also. Additionally, the headband may also be enlarged to meet your head. I like the layout because the earcups could fold level and inwards, which makes it simple to stow away that exactly the Adapt 560 in its compact case.

Overall, the layout is controlled and nondescript.


Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review

Coming to the operation of Epos Adapt 560 wireless headphones, we’re pleasantly surprised. The sound of this supply is quite wonderful. Not just for office Zoom requirements but also for songs in addition to gaming. We played a couple of games on it (on the PC) along with the sound, and also, our voice clarity has been superb. More so since the boom microphone also cuts the ambient sound, and exactly what the individual on the opposite side finds is your voice that is clear.

Epos has done an outstanding job with Adapt 560’s active sound cancellation. Ordinarily, it’s challenging to have great ANC with a headset, which sits around the ear, not around/over the ear. However, ANC here works extremely nicely. Wherever you’re, at your home office with kitchen whistles and bells or at the workplace with all the ambient sound, the ANC functions well. Together with ANC on, you have to listen to just pure audio from the in-built sound drivers.

The battery life of this Epos Adapt 560 wireless headphone is quite good, also. Though it will require a wee little extra to charge, a bit less than 4 hours daily completely, those do wind up staying living for 5-6 workdays (8 hours use each day). That is fantastic as within our test bench. We billed it once per week. These may remain alive for over 1,944 hours (according to the firm ).

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In general, the sound is fantastic, but we’d have desired for Epos Adapt 560 wireless headphones to have a bit more bass. However, these aren’t made for this. Office usage is its priority. Also, they’re not for runners or health fanatics. The fit is great, but they’ll fall off if you run together on your mind.

Controls and Battery Life

Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review

In terms of the controllers, you do not receive any touch controllers, and it is currently a common feature in customer cans that cost up to the Adapt 560. But, I’m not complaining because I usually don’t mind buttons. Although the buttons around your Adapt 560 are unquestionably teeny. My pudgy finger was difficult pressing. There are buttons such as Voice Assistant activation, shifting on/off the ANC, and shifting the cans. Regrettably, the cans do not have an automobile switch-off function, which induced me to empty my battery unintentionally a few times. There is this slider for volume management, and also, the button pops up as a click into play/pause music. Frankly, it felt a little too fiddly to utilize these controllers. I never got used to it at the very long time I’ve had these cans.

In terms of battery life, EPOS asserts 20 hours of playback. I received about 18, that is all but there. You will find different headphones precisely exactly the identical price range that provide greater battery life, frankly.

Sound and Mic Quality

Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Review

The Adapt 560 includes an excellent mic. That is a given. Folks on the opposite end of a Zoom phone were amazed at how I seemed. In terms of the sound touch, it’s very hot but washes. The sound staging is excellent, and the tool separation is excellent also. However, the hot bass lacks any snack. It’s the type of sound that’s tuned for laid-back listening for extended sessions. Fantastic for listening to podcasts, audio in the background as you sort an email furiously on your computer. The ANC caliber is serviceable also, which ought to drown out some outside sound whenever you’re hard at work in your home.

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Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Price

  • Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Price in USA – $268.04
  • Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Price in India – ₹29,990
  • Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Price in UK – £158
  • Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Price in Australia – $280.92
  • Epos Adapt 560 Wireless Headphones Price in Canada – $300

Editor’s rating : 3.5 / 5


  • Light premium constructed
  • ANC
  • Boom mic with noise cancellation


  • Bass might have been better.
  • Less padding on the headband
  • The cost might have been improved.

Final Verdict

As most wireless headphones are somewhat music-oriented, Epos includes fairly distinctive merchandise on its hands using the Adapt 560. This is a headset that’s unabashedly directed toward communications but does not. It isn’t quite as unique in its layout and performance since most corporate or business sound solutions. On the contrary, it is a productivity-driven apparatus that feels, feels, and operates like every wireless headset. It is excellent for the principal aim of communicating, with fantastic connectivity alternatives and best-in-class battery lifetime.

But, this is still inadequate to warrant the R 29,999 costs, in my estimation. The over-the-ear layout, regular ANC functionality, and too little flexibility for songs make this a market product that many people will truly find worth. Even people who do may think a few days before spending much money on this purpose-built item. It may be more worth contemplating a flexible headset such as the Sony WH-1000XM4 that provides better value for money and will do fairly well, even because of the profit.