Epic reveals unique Fortnite Crew bundles for the next three months

Epic reveals unique Fortnite Crew bundles for the next three months

In a surprising move, Epic has revealed the Fortnite Crew bundles planned for the subsequent three months. The bundles will be released in September, October, and November, each of them tied to the previous one to supply subscribers with something special. subsequent three months will revolve around “The First Shadows.”

The upcoming Fortnite Crew bundles will specialize in Midas, the character with the golden touch who contributed to the previous destruction of the battle royale island. The Epic describes the three shadows as ‘unlikely allies’ who Midas brought together after he ‘saw their potential.’

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The first of the shadows, The Burning Wolf, will arrive for Fortnite Crew subscribers in September. In October, subscribers will then get the second shadow, Chaos Origins, followed by the third shadow, Sierra, in November. Each pack will arrive on the Judgment Day of every month, like past crew packs.

This is the primary time Epic has announced multiple months of Fortnite Crew releases, and therefore the first time it’s tied them alongside a singular theme. the corporate didn’t reveal the three shadow skins, but it did drop a sketch that hints at what the upcoming characters will appear.

Epic plans to release the backstory for these shadows and the way they ended up working with Midas within the future. Also, assuming you stay subscribed and obtain all three skins through November, Epic promises that you’ll also get a special bonus style for every character in November.

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