Windows 10: Edge Not Working on Vpn? Try These Solutions

Windows 10: Edge Not Working on Vpn? Try These Solutions

Here we can see, “Windows 10: Edge Not Working on Vpn? Try These Solutions”

  • Some customers claim that when using a VPN, Edge occasionally stops functioning.
  • The VPN should be turned off as it is the simplest and quickest fix.
  • However, a VPN can safeguard your connection and protect your privacy.
  • If you want to get Edge to operate with your reliable VPN once more, see our advice below.

Online privacy concerns can be resolved by using a VPN or at least reduced. Your traffic is routed through a secure tunnel that is created by a VPN. Your computer and you are the only ones who know where you are online.

Even foolproof methods, like VPNs, can occasionally go wrong. Even the top business VPNs have flaws. For instance, a startlingly high percentage of customers have expressed concern that Edge, the well-known internet browser endorsed by Microsoft, abruptly stops functioning when using a VPN. But, of course, I’m talking about Windows 10 specifically.

We’ll examine the options in this case in the sections that follow. However, you must first confirm the following:

    • The most recent version of Microsoft Edge is available.
    • Your VPN is now running the most recent version.
    • Current Windows updates are installed on your computer.

Edge won’t work even after you’ve done everything on this list; therefore it’s time to look into some viable solutions.

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How do I make Edge work with my VPN?

1. Disable default gateway on remote network

    1. Activate the Settings app.
    2. Internet and Access Network
    3. Choose Modify adapter settings.
    4. Place a right-click on your VPN adapter and select Properties.
    5. Open the Networking tab.
    6. Choose Internet Protocol 4 (IPv4).
    7. Press Properties.
    8. Click the Advanced button in the new window.
    9. Ensure that the option to use the remote network’s default gateway is deselected.

2. Change your VPN media status settings

    1. Access your network connections.
    2. Do a right-click on your VPN connection.
    3. Choose Properties
    4. Select Configure from the menu.
    5. Activate the Advanced tab.
    6. Pick Media Status from the Property list.
    7. From the Value drop-down menu, select Always Connected.
    8. Input OK.

3. Use a stable, efficient VPN provider

    1. Download Private Internet Access 
    2. Put it on your computer.
    3. Link up with the selected server
    4. Open Edge Access and visit your preferred websites.

PIA is a top-notch VPN provider that excelled in each of our tests. So give PIA a shot if you’re having trouble getting Microsoft Edge to connect to the internet while using a VPN. We didn’t encounter this problem, and we bet you won’t either.

It is error-free and offers unparalleled security and privacy, high-speed servers, and the ability to unblock a wide range of geo-restricted services.

In conclusion, try the simple fixes above if you’re experiencing issues with your VPN connection on Microsoft Edge, and you’ll soon be able to resume accessing your favorite websites.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Does Microsoft Edge offer VPN support?

According to the information posted on a Microsoft support page on Thursday, the Microsoft Edge browser will soon include an integrated virtual private network. First, however, you’ll need to sign into Edge using your Microsoft account in order to access your monthly 1-GB allotment of free VPN service.

2. Describe Edge VPN?

To increase security and privacy, Microsoft is integrating a free virtual private network (VPN) service into its Edge browser, a Microsoft support page revealed.

3. Do they offer a VPN service at Microsoft?

Most versions of the Microsoft Windows and Windows Server operating systems include the Microsoft VPN Client for Windows as a standard component. Although it’s a strong solution overall, it still needs work to meet the adaptability and support for several clients that you’ll find in a competent third-party solution.

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