Duolingo updated with family plan, handwriting tool, and new languages

Duolingo updated with family plan, handwriting tool, and new languages

Language-learning app Duolingo has announced a severe update to its platform that adds two significant features: a replacement family plan for users who have pretty one learner within the house and a replacement tool that teaches users how to write symbols and scripts, indeed languages. The announcement comes alongside details about the company’s technology and more.

During its Duocon event today, language-learning company Duolingo has announced new features and changes to its product, among other things, including the addition of the latest languages and a family plan. These updates expand an already robust app, helping children and adults learn new languages and improve their skills.

The new family plan allows up to 6 people to enjoy Duolingo Plus benefits at about $120/year sans a monthly plan option. This is often compared to the Duolingo Plus plan priced at $13/month, merely for one user. As a result, families will be ready to see each others’ progress and use shared devices.

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As mentioned, Duolingo has added a replacement’ handwriting’ tool that helps learners master languages that use non-Latin alphabets, including Greek, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, and Arabic. The tool works almost like written lessons in competing for language-learning apps, requiring the user to trace characters with their finger on the screen.

Beyond that, Duolingo says it’s gearing up to feature another five languages to the app: Haitian Creole, Zulu, Xhosa, Maori, and Tagalog. South African organizations were tapped to assist Duolingo in developing the Xhosa and Zulu courses, improving access to South African languages.

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