How to Download and Install Silverlight on Windows 10

How to Download and Install Silverlight on Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to Download and Install Silverlight on Windows 10”

Microsoft Silverlight was formerly popular, but it has been phased out with the quick evolution of the Internet and the introduction of other technologies.

If you’d like to use Silverlight on Windows 10, we’ll show you how to do so today.

Microsoft Silverlight is a framework for developing sophisticated Internet applications that Microsoft created.

Silverlight was comparable to Adobe Flash because it was utilized for video streaming by firms like Netflix and Amazon Video.

Because of the advancement of new technologies such as HTML5, Adobe Flash and Silverlight have been phased out, and Microsoft discontinued developing Silverlight in 2013.

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Microsoft is currently issuing Silverlight patches and bug fixes, which should last until October 2021.

Because Silverlight is no longer actively developed, Microsoft Edge no longer supports it; however it can still be used for out-of-browser apps.

If you wish to use Silverlight online, you should use Internet Explorer 11 instead of Edge because it still supports Silverlight.

As a result, Silverlight options will continue to be available in Windows 10.

Microsoft also updated Silverlight in 2017 to make it compatible with Windows Mobile.

Because outdated versions of Java and Silverlight were disabled for Internet Explorer, you must ensure that you have all Silverlight upgrades on Windows 10.

How to install Silverlight on Windows 10?

To get Microsoft Silverlight installed, follow these steps:

    1. Download Silverlight from Microsoft’s website.
    2. You should be able to use it immediately after downloading it.

If you visit a website that still uses Silverlight, you’ll need to use Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox to see Silverlight content, as previously stated.

You’ll have to use one of the browsers mentioned above because Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plug-ins and no longer runs Java or Silverlight.

Silverlight was previously a prominent framework, but HTML5 has already supplanted it, and Microsoft even advises streaming services to utilize HTML5 instead of Silverlight.

All of the major contemporary browsers support HTML5. There are no additional plug-ins to install, and it works flawlessly on all platforms and devices.

Silverlight is slowly but steadily fading away, and even Microsoft advises users to migrate away from it in favor of other technologies.


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User Questions

1. How can I get Silverlight installed on Windows 10?

    1. Visit to learn how to install Silverlight.
    2. To install, click the Install button.
    3. To begin the download, click Run.
    4. After you’ve approved any security prompts, click Install Now.
    5. To use Silverlight, restart your browser.

2. Is Windows 10 compatible with Microsoft Silverlight?

Internet Explorer 10 and 11 are the only browsers that support the Silverlight programming framework, with support for Internet Explorer 10 expiring on January 31, 2020. Chrome, Firefox, and any other browser that runs on the Mac operating system are no longer supported.

3. What is the location of Silverlight?

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