DOOM 2 Mod Turns the Classic FPS Into a Fighting Game

DOOM 2 Mod Turns the Classic FPS Into a Fighting Game

Doom Fighters is a new DOOM 2 mod for PC that reimagines the classic first-person shooter from id Software as a retro brawler.

Doom Fighters, a recently released PC mod, reimagines id Software’s DOOM II as a retro brawler. The DOOM sequel, a classic, genre-defining shooter, debuted in 1994 and inspired countless interactive experiences. So naturally, many modders have taken to tinkering with the game, allowing for a wide range of imaginative adventures.

One mod, in particular, was released earlier this year, allowing users to play Total Chaos, a DOOM 2-themed survival horror game. Wadaholic spent 17 years converting DOOM 2 into a horror game, complete with detailed environments, striking ambient lighting, and a slew of new graphical features. Other recent mods, such as Doom4: Death Foretold, add to the franchise’s intense gameplay by incorporating modern jumping mechanics. Pillowblaster’s The Guncaster, for example, allows users to take on the role of a magic-wielding dragon. Fans of the seminal FPS game haven’t run out of ideas.

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Doom Fighters was uploaded to Mod DB over the weekend by modder edy pagaza (via PC Gamer) for PC players who own any version of the DOOM 2 campaign. Fans who download the mod will be thrown into a retro 3D brawler that pulls back the camera and takes away the Slayer’s weapons. As a result, it’s a game of good ol’ fisticuffs (and the Crucible blade) as the Slayer pummels demons and other foes carelessly. In the future, the creator plans to release more Doom Fighters updates, including destructible environments, executions, new weapons, and alternate deaths. In the following trailer, you can see the mod in action:

As evidenced by how cool, edgy pagaza’s mod looks, DOOM wouldn’t make a bad 3D fighter. Even in its current state, the chaos of id Software’s beloved brand seems to fit the genre perfectly. Who knows what other ways future Doom Fighters patches will add to the experience?

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3D beat ’em ups were trendy at the time but have since lost favour. However, 2D won ’em ups are making a comeback, much to the delight of many, with Streets of Rage 4 and the re-release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game among the most notable recent examples.

The Doom Fighters mod for DOOM II is now playable on PC via Mod DB.

Source: Mod DB via PC Gameredy pagaza/YouTube