Do you like the name Windows 11?

Do you like the name Windows 11?

We have understood that something big has been in the works for Windows for quite a while now, although expectation has warmed up in the last week.

Ever since Windows 10X obtained placed on ice to ensure Windows 10 desktop can continue its ceaseless dash toward the long run, it was obvious that something large had been cooking. Afterwards, throughout his Build 2021 keynote, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella expressly stated enormous information was forthcoming. And today, there is formally an occasion on June 24 that is set to show (or something, at least).

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Expectations for what is to be disclosed are all around the area, though many people think Windows 11 will be the bombshell statement. However, not everybody’s happy with the notion of Microsoft left its “Windows 10, permanently upgraded” approach in favour of releasing a brand new name and iteration, while others enjoy the notion of a fresh break in the longstanding title. What is your idea about the possible Windows 11 namedrop?

As may be viewed in our previous survey, many Windows Central subscribers believed that Microsoft should only cut the amounts completely and lessen the OS name to”Windows.” There is a classic simplicity because of choice, one which will be missing within a Windows 11. But there is something magical about new amounts. Even the Windows Central Discord community has been hard at work preparing logos for the possible future of Windows.

Let us know your ideas about the rumoured title at the survey and in the opinions, and make sure you check back here with the hottest Windows coverage.

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