How to Disable Filters in Power Bi

How to Disable Filters in Power Bi

Here we can see, “How to Disable Filters in Power Bi”

The major feature of Power BI for those who want to display different sets of data is filtering data. It’s an interactive tool that typically doesn’t cause too many problems.

However, there are some situations where a filter is not necessary. Many users have had difficulties while attempting to disable a filter in Power BI, so today, we’ll teach you how to fix the problem.

On the official forum, a user described the following problem:

I have a problem with filtering. What I want to do to have a chart like below showing a trend of Sales and expense and have a dynamic timeline to adjust the dates on the chart. BUT I want to show an expense percentage of sales for 2015/2016 on a card unaffected by timeline visuals.

The automated filtering of graphics hence causes the OP problems.

Users have run into other problems in addition to this one. For example, one more person noted the following:

I have a multi-page report that I publish to the web each week for upper managment. I have received a request from them to have the ability to disable all of the lines values except one of them. Basically, they want the ability to toggle the line values in a graph on and off similar to the way you would toggle values in a slicer. Is this possible? For example, in the image below, they would like to toggle on/off any or all values in the legend. And, this must be done via the published WebUI. Is it possible?

The thread’s OP requests that all lines be turned off save for one. However, it is important to note that the operation must be carried out via the released WebUI.

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Steps to disable filter in Power BI

1. Use the Edit interactions feature

Here are the measures you must take to address the first problem:

    1. Select the timeline graphic in your scenario by clicking.
    2. Then, in the Format ribbon, enable Edit interactions.
    3. Finally, within the Card visual, select None.

So, a small adjustment to the settings was necessary to resolve this issue, but different problems may require different fixes. So let’s look at a different problem that a Power BI user has reported.

2. Write a new measure

For the second example, you must create a new measure in DAX that returns BLANK based on the slicer selection ().


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. In Power BI, are filters lockable?

You can lock a filter if you don’t want the user to make any modifications to it. In the filter pane, each filter has a lock icon next to it. Depending on the visibility setting, a closed filter may still be shown to the user but is no longer changeable.

2. Can filter be locked?

Pick Filter from the options. Press Lock. The filter’s lock icon appears to show that it is locked. Click the menu, then choose Unlock to unlock the filter.

3. How can a filtered spreadsheet be locked?

Select only the cells you want to lock on the worksheet. Then, again, Ctrl+Shift+F will reopen the Format Cells popup window. This time, select the Locked box on the Protection tab, then click OK. Next, click Protect Sheet under the Review tab.

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4. Disable the “Filters and Slicers affecting this visual” : r/PowerBI

Disable the "Filters and Slicers affecting this visual" from PowerBI

5. Remove slicers and filters affecting this visual : r/PowerBI

Remove slicers and filters affecting this visual from PowerBI