Dimensions of a Minecraft Nether Portal Sword Build are penetrated

Dimensions of a Minecraft Nether Portal Sword Build are penetrated

One very inventive and enthusiastic Minecraft player demonstrated their beautiful creation: a Nether Portal incorporated into the blade of a massive sword.

One very inventive Minecraft design encases one of the game’s Nether Portals behind the blade of a massive, inter-dimensional sword, allowing players to travel between worlds. As a result, Minecraft players who desire to explore the mysterious Nether will have another intriguing design to choose from.

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While venturing into the Nether can be a difficult endeavor for Minecraft players, the riches obtained in this dimension are frequently well worth the risk. The Nether is the only location where the most valuable resource in Minecraft, Netherite, may be found, and it is the only area where it can be found. Players can also journey around the Nether in search of additional unusual and useful commodities, such as Wither Skulls, Magma Cream, and Blaze Rods, by exploring the environment. To produce potions in Minecraft, players must first venture into the Nether, a grueling journey that they will eventually have to go through. A basic frame built of Obsidian will suffice for the majority of gamers. They will then light the portal with their Flint & Steel and go into the Nether realms. On the other hand, one Minecraft player on Reddit demonstrated a more inventive method of entering the Nether.

An invention shared on Reddit by user sosajboi300 was described as “an enormous sword that has a Nether Portal integrated into the blade.” Even though sosajboi300 assigns credit to another Reddit user, Spitezz, for the concept, the build itself appears to be their own. The photos that sosajboi300 uploaded demonstrate that the surface builds, while highly ornate, does not completely translate below the surface to the Nether dimension. Fortunately, sosajboi300 improved the structure in the Nether by including some light objects to outline the portal and make it stand out from the rest of the Nether. As inventive as that is, the overworld design, which includes a sword that looks like it might have come straight out of a vintage 8-bit game, is the true highlight of this production.

Nether Portal Sword Inspired By u/Spitezz from Minecraft

Nether constructions in Minecraft have recently become fairly popular among players that like to be creative. For example, one player built an optical illusion that gives the impression that players can look through their Nether Portal onto the overworld. As a result, while this was theoretically conceivable, it was essentially just a smart trick pulled by a user. However, it demonstrates that players are continuing to develop innovative ways to use the resources available in the Nether.

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Sosajboi300’s efforts are pretty remarkable, regardless of whether players are more interested in the overworld construct or the brilliant lights of the Nether build. Because of the upcoming Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update, it’s thrilling to think about what new things Minecraft players might come up with in their explorations.

Minecraft is available for download on various platforms, including PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: sosajboi300/Reddit