dev error 5476

dev error 5476

Here we can see “dev error 5476”

Call of Duty: Warzone has proved to be among the foremost successful battle royale games to release this year. the web multiplayer game has garnered an enormous following over the months, and it continues to grow bigger with every playlist update. However, the free-to-play title is additionally susceptible to various bugs and error codes that will randomly happen for players.

Call of Duty error code 5476

Dev error 5476 is among the standard error codes that randomly appear in various Call of Duty games like Modern Warfare and Warzone. Unfortunately, many users are encountering this error code last month, and it now appears that it’s resurfaced for a serious for players. Unfortunately, game developers are yet to deal with the matter and issue a permanent fix. However, likely, the bug will soon be fixed. In the meantime, players can try a couple of tricks that have resolved the difficulty for various users.

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Warzone not working: the way to fix the dev error 5476?

It may sound strange because the bulk of the Warzone/Modern Warfare player base is reporting that changing their calling card and emblem to something else aside from “randomized” was ready to fix “dev error 5476” for them.

To do this, you’ll get to launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and navigate to multiplayer, barracks, customization, then identity.

Once you’re there, choose calling cards and pick one among them. Don’t select the choice to use one randomly since it might cause “dev error 5476.” Instead, do an equivalent for emblems also, and you ought to be able to jump back to the action.

If changing your emblem and calling card doesn’t do the trick for you, try exiting out of the sport and resetting your router before giving it another go. Then, of course, you’ll also try reinstalling the sport since it’s one of the only recommended solutions for each CoD-related error. But considering the game’s size, this might be a but ideal option.

We recommend keeping an eye fixed on community forums for other alternative fixes which will come up in the future and joining the discussions if the error keeps appearing for you. Keep an eye fixed on Infinity Ward on Twitter also since the developer tends to update fans regarding known errors through social media.

User Questions:

1. How are you able to fix “dev error 5476” in COD Warzone?


3. DEV ERROR 5476. You can’t get in any match in a warzone.

FIXED; apparently, you’ve got to deselect random on your calling card, emblems & skins, and it’ll solve it.

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4. DEV ERROR 5476 ON PS4

Since the new conflict warzone update, if I try matchmaking, it takes me back to the “press X to start” screen then says Dev error 5476, and therefore, the same process repeats. If anyone features a solution to the present, please let me know. Edit: You need to change your emblem and banner, and it should work.