Dating App Bumble Is Opening a Restaurant in New York

Dating App Bumble Is Opening a Restaurant in New York

The pandemic has made it difficult for many people to meet new people or go on dates over the past year. So Bumble, one of the most widely used dating apps, is opening a restaurant that couples can visit for dates.

Bumble Is Opening a Restaurant

Engadget first reported that Bumble would open a restaurant in the latter part of this summer. Bumble Brew will open its doors for breakfast in Manhattan on July 24, and it is called Bumble Brew. Bumble Brew will be serving breakfast only at the launch. A few weeks later, the restaurant will offer lunch and dinner.

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Bumble Brew’s dining room can accommodate 80 people, which is impressive considering that it can host up to 40 couples. The restaurant isn’t just for couples. Anyone can visit. We can see from the photos that Bumble Brew has shared that Bumble Brew also features a coffee and cocktail bar and a merch stand and patio dining area.

We can also see that Bumble Brew is decorated in the yellow color of the app and has honeycomb patterns and the app logo throughout. Although the restaurant has not yet released a full menu, it stated that the Italian-inspired menu would be available. Additionally, Bumble Brew offers both delivery and pick-up options for couples who prefer to dine in.

Who Can Visit the New Restaurant?

Bumble Brew isn’t integrated into the¬†Bumble app, so you don’t need the app to order food or book a table. This is something Bumble may add in the future, but at this time, it’s not.

Bumble Brew is accessible to everyone since you don’t have to use the Bumble app. Bumble Brew is open to everyone, regardless of whether they have an account with Bumble or not. You could walk into the restaurant if you saw it, or you might not, depending upon the reservation rules.

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Bumble Wants to Help Start Your Relationship

It takes a lot of time and effort to open a restaurant. So a tech company wouldn’t expect one. But, unfortunately, Bumble has done precisely that.

The dating app seems to be fully committed to helping you start a relationship. You can match up, talk, and even find a place to go on a date. I don’t know of any other wingman that Bumble could be.