Cricket Wireless expands 5G access to all of its prepaid plans

Cricket Wireless expands 5G access to all of its prepaid plans

Cricket Wireless’ 5G service is now available to all of its customers, not only those who sign up for the company’s most expensive prepaid phone plan. This expansion marks a significant shift in 5G availability for consumers who choose prepaid cellular services over postpaid cellular services, allowing them to access substantially higher download speeds even when they are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Cricket Wireless offers four different prepaid plan options, ranging from $30 to $60 a month for a single line. Until users who wanted to use Cricket’s 5G network had to sign up for the most expensive package. That isn’t the case now. Customers on less expensive plans can also use the network, but they are subject to the same data caps as those on the two unlimited plans.

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Cricket announced the adjustment on Friday, along with the news that it now has 12.4 million customers and that its lower-cost plans are no longer limited to an 8Mbps download speed. Cricket’s 5G network, which is only available in parts of its entire coverage area, was launched a year ago. To make use of the quicker network, consumers must have a 5G smartphone; otherwise, they will be confined to 4G regardless of their location in the United States.

Cricket’s $55/month and $60/month unlimited data plans offer the greatest features, with the latter including 15GB of mobile hotspot access. Another significant distinction between the two plans is that the $60/month option does not limit high-speed data when network congestion is high, but the other three plans do. However, video streaming over data is limited to 480p standard definition in both limitless choices.

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Other benefits of the $60/month package include bundled access to HBO Max’s ad-supported plan and 150GB of cloud storage, which may persuade customers to pay the extra $5 each month. Because it requires a 5G-compatible smartphone, many Cricket subscribers are unlikely to notice the change. Increased availability to prepaid 5G plans, on the other hand, is a beneficial thing that will become more relevant with time.

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