How to Connect Meeting Room System to Google Meet

How to Connect Meeting Room System to Google Meet

Here we can see, “How to Connect Meeting Room System to Google Meet”

  • It will be simpler for staff members and visitors to join if a Google Meet conferencing room is set up.
  • To create sessions, interoperability gateways must be enabled in the Google Admin Console.
  • Any touchscreen device, including a mobile phone, can be used to join an ongoing meeting.

The state of the globe today compelled businesses to adopt remote working practices. Therefore, holding in-person meetings was not an option.

Many developers began concentrating their time, resources, and efforts on creating and enhancing their video meeting solutions.

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Google is one of those businesses and has worked to improve Google Meet, its video conferencing platform.

A new user interface and a ton of new capabilities were added to the software, which made enterprise-grade video conferencing more widely available.

Today, Google Meet is used by big corporations all over the world for both business meetings and online classes.

Google Meet hardware is a plus

Anyone, from individuals to tiny enterprises to large organizations, can use Google’s software.

Use of Meet Hardware is the best way to appreciate the software, especially if you’re on a team. Everything will be made simpler when the meeting space is set up with these approved accessories.

Its well-chosen components seamlessly integrate to provide HD meetings that are economical and simple to use.

How do I connect a meeting room systems to Google Meet?

Use Google Meet with 3rd-party video conferencing solutions

1. Go to the Google Meet settings in the Google Admin console

    1. Head on to the Google Admin console.
    2. Use your credentials to log in.
    3. Go to Google Workspace and Google Meet from the Admin console Home page under Apps.
    4. Leave the top organizational unit chosen to apply the setting to everyone. Otherwise, pick a configuration group or a child organizational unit.

2. Add interoperability gateways

    1. Click Add Gateway under Gateways for Interoperability in the Meet Video Settings section.
    2. Click Generate after entering your name for your own reference.
    3. Select Close after opening the gateway token.
    4. Send Pexip the gateway token.
    5. Toggle the option for third-party systems to request permission before joining under Trusted Devices.

3. Turn on the meeting interoperability

    1. Interoperability should be chosen in the Meet Video Settings section.
    2. After that, choose Allow system interoperability.
    3. Select the meeting ID type that will be used to attend meetings:
      • Use Short meeting IDs.
      • Use Long meeting IDs.
      • Use Both short and long meeting IDs.
    4. Then input the meeting ID prefix, gateway hostname, and gateway IP address (what you enter should match the settings of your Pexip gateway).
    5. Press Save.

4. Sign up for the Pexip for Google Meet interoperability service

Joining a Google Meet meeting with a meeting room system.

Any SIP and H.323 standards-based video conferencing system can connect to Google Meet meetings with Pexip.

Depending on your choices, there are 3 major ways to join a Google Meet conference from a meeting room system:

    • Either a touch screen or a remote (available for all)
    • App Pexip for mobile (requires an endpoint subscription)
    • Conference room mode (with a shared mobile device)

Using a remote control or touch screen

You can call into the meeting using a Virtual Reception or by directly dialing the meeting address while using the remote control or the touch screen of the video system.

    1. Dispatch the Calendar Invitation.
    2. Using the touch panel or remote control system, enter the associated dial-in address if you see a SIP option.
    3. Click the link labelled “More joining choices” in the absence of a SIP option.
    4. Use the SIP endpoint address and choose Third-party systems in the newly opened window.
    5. Afterward, the touch panel or remote control input the dial-in address.
    6. The video system is automatically admitted into the meeting if it is registered with the Pexip Service or is a trusted device.
    7. The gadget must be explicitly allowed into the meeting in all other circumstances (this takes the form of a popup dialog as shown right, which is displayed to all participants who are connected directly to the conference). Then, any of those people may decide to accept or reject access.

Using the Pexip mobile app

The Pexip mobile app must be downloaded, installed, and given permission to read the calendar used for Meet invitations. For further information, please see downloading the apps.

You can select a VTC from a list or join via QR code scanning when using the Pexip mobile app to join a Meet meeting with a VTC.

Joining from a list of VTCs

An active endpoint subscription is necessary for this option.

    1. Your phone should now be running the Pexip app.
    2. Select your Meet meeting under the Meetings tab.
    3. Choose a Video system, then pick the desired VTC to utilize.
    4. On the touch screen or with the remote control, respond to the incoming call to your VTC room.

You can configure your Google Meet account as an administrator to allow users to join conference calls through outside video conferencing services.

These third-party services can be found inside or outside the company and must be standards-based (SIP/H323) in order to participate in the Meet calls.

The participants can also join the Meet calls with a single touch if one of them has a calendar integration that works with SIP URI. Pexip offers one of the third-party conferencing services that are supported.

Meet has full integration with other Google products

The fact that the same firm owns Google Meet as Gmail and other vital programs we use daily is fantastic.

Thanks to its API, the software can be included into other third-party tools. It can also be accessed as a guest or with a Google account.

The greatest priority at Meet is accessibility. Users can attend meetings at any time and using any device. An internet connection is all they require.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I make Google Meet a meeting room?

Meet video settings by clicking. Leave the top organizational unit chosen to apply the setting to everyone. Otherwise, pick a configuration group or a child organizational unit. A phone number is provided on invites and events so that attendees can call into meetings.

2. Is Google Meet required to join a meeting?

Any current browser lets you initiate or join a meeting on your desktop or laptop. There is no need to install any other software.

3. Is Zoom superior to Google Meet?

While Google Meet has a maximum capacity of 250 participants, Zoom meetings can extend up to 1,000 participants. For their free subscriptions, both providers place quite strict time restrictions on group meetings. While Google Meet’s free plan enables up to an hour for group meetings, Zoom only allows users up to 40 minutes.

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