Command line arguments in shell script linux


Command Line Arguments In Unix Shell Script With Example

Review of Unix Command Line Arguments:

The Unix shell is used to run controls, and it permits users to pass real-time arguments to these controls.

These disagreements, also called command line parameters, permit the users to control the stream of the control or define the input for the rule.

Within this tutorial, we’ll know how to utilize command line parameters.

While conducting a control, the user may pass a variable number of parameters at the control line.

Within the control script, the parameters that are passed are all available using positional parameters’. These include $0 to $9, at which $0 identifies the title of the control, and $1 to $9 will be the first through the ninth parameter, based on the number of really passed parameters.

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Case in Point:

$ sh hello the best way to perform you do

Here $0 will be delegated sh.

$1 could be delegated hello

$2 could be delegated how

And so forth…

We’ll now take a look at some extra orders to process those parameters.

#1) set

This control may be used to place up the values of the positional parameters on the command line.

Case in Point:

$ set how do you do
$ echo $1 $2
how do

Here, “the way” was delegated to $1, plus “perform” was charged to $2.

#2) shift

This control is used to alter the job of the positional parameters. I.e., $2 will likely be changed to 1 into the parameter being changed into $9. Be aware that if you’re more than nine parameters, this mechanism may be utilized to browse past the 9th.

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Case in Point:

$ collection hello, good morning. Do you do to Unix tutorial?

Here, ‘hello’ is assigned to $1,’great’ to 2, and so forth to into being delegated to $9. Now the change command may be utilized to alter the’ parameters areas.

Case in Point:

$ shift 2
$ echo $1

Currently, $1 will likely probably be dawn, and so to 8 becoming ‘unix’ and being tutorial.