How to: Fix Bad Video Quality in Chrome

How to: Fix Bad Video Quality in Chrome

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Bad Video Quality in Chrome”

  • Chrome’s settings are primarily responsible for the video quality.
  • When the video resolution is misconfigured, you’ll notice that the quality of YouTube and Netflix is poor on Chrome.
  • Adjust the video settings on Chrome to avoid obtaining low-quality Netflix.
  • Although it improves browser speed, the hardware acceleration option doesn’t assist much if it’s enabled.

Many people use Google Chrome to watch videos from YouTube or streaming services like Netflix. However, the video playback quality in that browser isn’t always ideal for all people.

Netflix‘s low quality on Chrome has been criticized by several users, who claim that the visual quality is fragmented and terrible. Furthermore, choppy video playback is not unheard of with Chrome.

Here are a few Google Chrome strategies for improving poor video quality.

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How do I improve the quality of my video on Google Chrome?

1. Google Chrome should be updated

First, make sure you’re using the most recent Chrome version to watch videos. Update Chrome browsers are compatible with the very latest web technology for multimedia content.

To do so, select Help, then About Google Chrome from the Customize Google Chrome menu.

After that, a new tab called About Chrome will open, scanning for and installing updates. After the browser has been updated, click Relaunch.

2. Check the YouTube video resolution settings

In most situations, low-quality video playback on video websites is caused by the resolution settings of the videos. Users can usually vary playback quality using at least a few distinct resolution options in YouTube videos.

However, some YouTube videos are set to play at lesser resolutions, such as 480p.

Users can change the resolution of YouTube videos by clicking the Settings icon at the bottom of the video. On that menu, choose the maximum resolution level for the video. Then choose Quality to bring up the selection displayed below.

Add the Magic Actions extension to Chrome to ensure that YouTube videos always play at their best resolution settings.

Then make the following adjustments:

  • Under the video, click the Magic Options option.
  • On that tab, enable the Enable Auto HD option.
  • Then choose a resolution for all of the videos to be played at and close the tab.

Any streaming video, regardless of platform, should have a similar resolution setting that you can access and alter.

3. Disable the Hardware Acceleration feature

  1. To access the browser’s menu, click the Customize Google Chrome icon.
  2. Open the tab seen in the screenshot below, select Settings.
  3. To expand the Settings tab, click the Advanced option.
  4. After that, scroll down to the option to use hardware acceleration when it’s available.
  5. Turn off the option to use hardware acceleration.

4. Modify the streaming service’s data use settings

  • To begin, sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Then, on the menu, select Account.
  • Click Playback settings after scrolling down to My Profile.
  • After there, choose between a High or Medium data use preset.
  • Choose the option to save.

Users who use Chrome to watch streaming videos from Netflix or other streaming services can usually change their data consumption options.

Check the data consumption settings inside your movie-streaming website account if the video quality isn’t what it should be.

A lower data use setting could be chosen for more basic video playback. Users of Netflix can change their data use settings in this way.

Keep in mind that the video quality of Netflix is also dependent on the plan chosen. The cheapest Netflix plan only allows you to watch movies in 480p. As a result, choosing the highest data use setting for a Basic Netflix package is basically worthless.

Users on the Premium plan, on the other hand, should select the High option if their laptops or desktops can play HD and UHD video.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. How do I improve the quality of my video in Chrome?

  1. Google Chrome should be updated. First, make sure you’re using the most recent version of Chrome to watch videos.
  2. Check the YouTube video resolution settings.
  3. Hardware acceleration should be turned off.
  4. For streaming services, change the data consumption settings.

2. How can I improve the quality of my video?

On your PC or Mac, download and run Stellar Repair for Video.

Add the corrupt or poor video file to the software (you can add many corrupt or bad films at once) and then click Repair.

Wait for the repair to be finished. Click Save after previewing the corrected video.

3. Is there a video quality limit in Google Chrome?

Browser Restrictions

You might be surprised to learn that browsers like Chrome and Firefox do not support 4K video. They support a maximum resolution of 720p. If you want to watch Netflix on your browser, I recommend using Microsoft’s Edge, which supports video up to 4K.

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