How to Check Your Windows 11 Version

How to Check Your Windows 11 Version

Here we can see, “How to Check Your Windows 11 Version”

  • Use the Settings app or the Control Panel to quickly determine the Windows 11 version installed on your computer.
  • The straightforward program Command Prompt can assist you with this process if you’re a more experienced user.
  • You can use one of the many built-in tools to quickly determine your Windows 11 version.

Knowing what version of Windows you’re using can be quite helpful, especially if you’re using a Beta or Dev release of the operating system. There are a few minor variations between each of the many Windows 11 versions.

It’s important to know if your version of Windows is affected because some versions of Windows may have compatibility problems or flaws.

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Knowing your version of Windows and whether it is vulnerable to this kind of vulnerability is crucial since security problems can occasionally target a particular version of Windows.

Many customers simply want to know if their version of Windows has particular capabilities and can run particular software, aside from security concerns.

All of these factors make it crucial to determine your Windows 11 version, and we’ll teach you how to accomplish so in this article.

What’s the difference between a version and a build?

As you may have observed, the build number and version are frequently included with Windows applications. The two are distinct from one another, and the build is typically regarded as a component of the application.

On the other hand, the version is regarded as an expansion of the build and a complete application. However, build numbers are typically connected to test items.

Because of this, build numbers are constantly updated each time an application modification is made. Pay particular attention to the build number if you’re using a test version of Windows.

If your version is complete, only the version number should be used to refer to you.

How many Windows 11 editions are there and what are the differences?

A Windows edition is a distinct version of Windows that differs from previous versions of Windows by having a few special features.

Windows 11 is offered in 7 different editions, which are as follows:

    • Windows 11 Home
    • Windows 11 Pro
    • Windows 11 Pro Education
    • Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
    • Windows 11 Enterprise
    • Windows 11 Education
    • Windows 11 Mixed Reality

The exact distinctions between the editions are unknown, but we do know that the Home edition requires a Microsoft Account to sign in and use it, unlike the Pro edition, which does not.

As was the case with earlier versions of Windows, we anticipate that the Pro edition will offer several extra capabilities that aren’t included in the Home edition.

How can I check my Windows 11 version?

1. Use the Settings app

    1. The Settings app can be found by opening the Start Menu.
    2. Select System from the left menu now. Select About in the right pane.
    3. Your copy of Windows 11 should be listed there, along with other helpful details.

Start Menu saw various changes, but even without customization, Windows 11 still allows you to move it to the left.

2. Use Control Panel

    1. For the Run, window to appear, press Windows Key + R.
    2. Enter the control key or click OK after typing.
    3. Then navigate to System and Security.
    4. Choose System.
    5. Now the version information will be displayed on the About page.

3. Use the winver tool

    1. Launch the Run window. The shortcut Windows Key + R allows you to do that.
    2. Enter winver at this time, then hit Enter or OK.
    3. You can view information about Windows 11 version in a new window that will open.

4. Use the Command Prompt

    1. CMD is entered by pressing Windows Key + R. Enter the key or select OK.
    2. Enter ver into the Command Prompt after it has opened.
    3. You should now be able to view the Windows 11 build that you’re currently using.

5. Use the msinfo32

    1. Windows Key + R, then type msinfo32. Enter the key.
    2. You will see the name of your OS and the version you are using in a new window.

Is there a 32-bit version of Windows 11?

Since Windows 11 doesn’t exist in a 32-bit version and must be installed on a 64-bit CPU, it seems clear that Microsoft intends to stop supporting 32-bit processors.

We are convinced that the most recent version of Windows won’t have a 32-bit version because even the stated hardware requirements don’t mention 32-bit CPUs.

It makes sense that Microsoft would wish to stop supporting 32-bit Windows and concentrate only on the 64-bit version, given that 32-bit CPUs have almost entirely been replaced by 64-bit processors.

What will happen if I don’t use the latest version of Windows 11?

Most of the time, nothing will occur if your Windows is out of date. However, keep in mind that regular system updates are required to keep your system secure.

There is a slight danger that your system could become infected if you don’t keep your system updated, particularly if your version has a security hole. New malware is launched every day.

Aside from security, not keeping your system updated could prevent you from taking advantage of numerous enhancements, new features, and bug fixes.

If you want to check the version of Windows 11, you should know that doing so is really quick and easy. With the help of our solutions, you can complete the task in a matter of seconds.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Have I got Windows 10 or 11?

By typing “winver” into the search menu, you may easily see what version of Windows you are using. You can also use your computer’s “About” menu in Windows 10 and Windows 11 to learn more. Users of Windows 8 can access the “PC Info” option to view the specifications of their computer.

2. Is Windows 11 really necessary?

If you want multitasking that’s better than ever, upgrade to Windows 11 since it puts a strong emphasis on it with features like Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and the ability to remember your layouts across several displays. Although they might appear insignificant, they contribute to a significantly better multitasking experience.

3. How can I find out what version of Windows 11 I have?

    1. Install the PC Health Check app here if you haven’t already.
    2. Select Search, input “pc health check,” press the Windows logo key + S, and then pick PC Health Check from the results list.
    3. Choose Check now.
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