Changing the Boot Partition

Changing the Boot Partition

Here we can see, “Changing the Boot Partition”

For several years, one feature that our users frequently desired was the ability to alter the boot partition with EasyBCD simply. With EasyBCD 2.0+, you may change the Windows boot drive with a single click.

When should you replace your boot partition?

  • If you want to erase the XP partition in a dual-boot XP-Vista system when XP was installed initially,
  • Follow these steps if you want to relocate your boot files to a newer, faster, or larger hard disk.
  • Follow these steps if you want to remove the boot files from a partition before deleting them.
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This is very simple with EasyBCD, which may be found on the “BCD Backup/Repair” page.

When you choose “Change boot drive,” you’ll be asked to choose which letter to use as the new boot partition. When you confirm your choice, EasyBCD will do the following:

  • Install the BOOTMGR bootloader on the partition you want to use.
  • Make the partition you’ve chosen active.
  • Install the bootloader to the specified partition’s bootsector and the MBR.
  • All entries from the previous boot partition should be copied to the newly chosen one.
  • To work with the new boot partition, update the partition references.


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User Questions

1. Is it possible to migrate your boot drive to a different drive?

How to free copy the boot drive to another drive. You can use AOMEI Backupper Standard’s “Disk Clone” feature to relocate the boot drive to another drive in Windows 11/10/8/7. It allows you to free clone a smaller drive to a larger disk or a larger HDD to a smaller SSD.

2. Is it possible to select which partition to boot from?

You can’t do it in general. When you use a drive as a boot device, your computer starts on the MBR of that drive and boots any partition you choose. An application that allows you to choose from various partitions must be installed in that region of the drive. A bootloader is a name for the program.

3. In BIOS, how can I change the active partition?

Type fdisk at the command prompt, then click ENTER. When prompted, select Yes to enable big disk support. Set active partition, then press the number of the partition you want to make active, followed by ENTER. Press the ESC key.

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