cdburnerxp malware

cdburnerxp malware

Here we can see “cdburnerxp malware

What is cdburnerxp.exe?

cdburnerxp.exe may be a legitimate process file popularly referred to as CDBurnerXP. It’s related to software CDBurnerXP developed by Canneverbe Limited. It’s located in C:\Program Files by default.

Malware programmers write virus files with malicious scripts and save them as cdburnerxp.exe to spread viruses on the web.

Affected Platforms: Windows OS

How to determine if your computer is infected with cdburnerxp.exe malware?

Look out for these symptoms to see if your PC is infected with cdburnerxp.exe malware:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • cdburnerxp.exe occupies extra CPU space
  • PC processing speed slows down
  • Browser often redirects to irrelevant websites
  • Browser is bombarded with hordes of popup ads
  • The computer screen freezes repeatedly

Take the subsequent steps to diagnose your PC for possible cdburnerxp.exe malware attack:

Step 1: Simultaneously press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to open Task Manager.

Step 2: If you notice the file located outside C:\Program Files, perform an antivirus scan to prevent the malware.

How to remove cdburnerxp.exe malware from the system using Comodo Antivirus?

Step 1: Download our award-winning Comodo Free Antivirus

Step 2: Installation configuration frames are going to be displayed. Select the configuration you’d wish to apply.

Step 3: Select Customize Configuration option and arrange installers, configuration, and file location.

Step 4: Restart your PC after the installation gets over

Step 5: await Comodo Internet Security to update the antivirus.

Step 6: Proceed with the fast scan that automatically begins after the update.

Step 7: If threats are found during the scanning, you’ll be notified through an alert screen.

Step 8: Comodo Antivirus will remove cdburnerxp.exe malware from your computer, including all other malware!

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User Questions

1. CDBurnerXP and malware which will accompany it

I’d wish to download CDBurnerXP and obtain no malware/crapware. This site: says “no adware or malicious components.” Yet within the past, some have said it comes with Open Candy or other malware. Or that the installer will put them on my computer. Or I even have to travel very carefully through 6 pages of menus/options while installing – very carefully to avoid malware. I do not want to possess to spend an hour removing malware.

2. CDBurner XP contains malware????

I use CDBXP for several years, but recently I bought a warning from Eset Internet Security that the installation program (not the program itself) contains malware (2!):


D:\voor installatie e.d\cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6452.exe = INNO = {tmp}\Fusion.dll – een variant van Win32/FusionCore.I potentieel ongewenste toepassing – geselecteerde actie uitgesteld tot scan voltooid is


D:\voor installatie e.d\cdbxp_setup_4.5.7.6452.exe = INNO – een variant van Win32/FusionCore.I potentieel ongewenste toepassing – geselecteerde actie uitgesteld tot scan voltooid is

I hope you understand the Dutch part, the names of the found malware are clear.

I tried to ask Eset if this is often a false positive, but their reporting program is failing. 

3. PUP malware included in CDBurnerXP downloads?

CDBurnerXP doesn’t burn CDs, but it can play the file, and there are sometimes jitters once I boot my computer (it stops booting before it’s done).

I can’t update SuperAntispyware, and once I removed SAS, I could download the installation program, but it wouldn’t run.

I ran Malwarebytes, and it detected four PUPs (potentially unwanted software) on the D: drive where I store program downloads. One was cdxpsetup_4.5.2.4214 (5078 KB) which I downloaded on 9/7-2013 to put in CDBurnerXP. It had been called PUP.Optional.OpenCandy.

Malwarebytes says that PUPs are malicious software. They will accompany free software to supply some revenue for the software company.

I’ll remove these PUPs and see if things recover. Can CDBurnerXP check if this PUP remains a part of its installation program?

4. CDBurnerXP for Windows

CDBurnerXP may be a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and make ISOs, also as a multilanguage interface. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free of charge. It doesn’t include adware or similar malicious components.

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5. Safest CD-Burning Utility? After Reading the ImgBurn/CDBurnerXP Malware Horror Stories…

After reading all of the recent horror stories regarding ImgBurn, CDBurnerXP, and therefore the hidden malware that gets packaged with them like OpenCandy and Conduit/Search Protect, I’ve become very hesitant to undertake to put in any CD burning program (or, for that matter, anything on the internet; it seems Search Protect and OpenCandy is packaged with numerous things these days).