Can’t Open Power Bi File? Here Are 4 Solutions to Try

Can’t Open Power Bi File? Here Are 4 Solutions to Try

Here we can see, “Can’t Open Power Bi File? Here Are 4 Solutions to Try”

Users can create charts and representations for their data using the Power BI Desktop software. But some Power BI customers have complained in forum posts that the program won’t open their Power BI PBIX files. When Power BI customers try to open their PBIX files, error warnings such as “The FILE is incompatible with your current version of Microsoft Power BI Desktop” or “Unable to open document” appear.

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Why can’t I open Power BI file?

1. Reinstall Power BI

    1. The FILE is an incompatible problem that can be resolved by reinstalling Power BI. Press the Windows key + X hotkey to accomplish it.
    2. To display the window for that item, choose Run.
    3. Enter “appwiz.cpl” in Run, then click OK.
    4. Next, choose Microsoft Power BI Desktop from the applet for Programs and Features.
    5. Select “Uninstall” from the menu.
    6. To further confirm, pick the Yes option.
    7. After getting rid of Power BI, restart Windows 10.
    8. Then access the MS Store’s Power BI page.
    9. To reinstall BI, click the Install (or Get) button.
    10. Remember that Power BI for the MS Store is 64-bit architecture only. Users using 32-bit operating systems might need to choose Advanced Download Options on the software’s website in order to download 32-bit Power BI Desktop.

2. Edit the File Title

    1. In 2018, Power BI customers also reported receiving the error message, “Unable to open the document; we were unable to restore the saved database to the model.” Some users were able to resolve the issue by deleting the characters “,, >, &, and’from the PBIX file titles that wouldn’t open.
    2. By hitting the Windows key + E hotkey, right-clicking the PBIX file, and choosing Rename, users can edit a PBIX file in File Explorer. After that, type a new title for the document that doesn’t contain “, &,, >, or ‘.

3. Reinstall the Previous Power BI Version

    1. If a recent Power BI upgrade results in the “Unable to open document” error, consider reinstalling the previous version of the program. As long as users have kept the install file for the prior version in their download folders, they are permitted to do that.
    2. Reinstall Power BI Desktop using the installer for the earlier version after uninstalling it first. Users may discover that the PBIX files can still be opened successfully with the older BI version.

4. Copy the file to a USB stick

    1. To access the PBIX File, you can also try copying it to a USB drive. Use the Windows key + E hotkey to launch File Explorer to accomplish that.
    2. To copy the PBIX, insert a USB drive into the laptop’s or desktop’s USB port.
    3. The PBIX file’s folder path should be opened.
    4. To copy the PBIX file there, drag and drop it onto the USB device in Explorer’s left-hand pane.
    5. Open the PBIX file on the USB device in its place from that point on.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why won’t Power BI open?

Security-related issues, such as instances where firewalls or antivirus software may block the pipes or reroute traffic to a particular port, are the most frequent causes of such interference. That problem might be fixed by opening Power BI Desktop with administrator privileges.

2. Why is it that I can’t download the PBIX file?

pbix files created with a desktop version that doesn’t support data security. The Power BI service won’t display this feature if your administrator has disabled data downloads. It is impossible to download datasets with an incremental refresh to a.pbix file.

3. How can I open a PBIX file on the internet?

    1. Click the Files tab after selecting “Get Data.”
    2. Enter the URL and select “SharePoint -Team sites”.
    3. The pbix can now be selected and opened online.
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