Can’t Export to Power Bi Desktop Format? We Have the Solution

Can’t Export to Power Bi Desktop Format? We Have the Solution

Here we can see, “Can’t Export to Power Bi Desktop Format? We Have the Solution”

Users of Power BI can accessibly study their reports and other data in Power BI desktop style. While the export features often function as intended, occasionally they may not. Users in the Power BI community have noticed issues with the pbix format. The entire mistake is not possible to export in Power BI Desktop format. We were unable to export to.

To resolve the issue of “can’t export to Power BI desktop format,” follow the instructions in this article.

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How do I export a PBIX file from Power BI?

1. Update Power BI Desktop

    1. Before November 2016, the Power BI Desktop Client did not support downloading reports.
    2. Therefore, you must upgrade the client before attempting to export any report to desktop format if the Download Report Menu option in the Power BI service is greyed out.
    3. The next set of instructions will show you how to get the.pbix file after you have installed the most recent version.

Download the Report as a .pbix File

    1. Open the file that you wish to download in Power BI Service.
    2. Select Download Report under File in the menu.
    3. Your computer will now start downloading the file.
    4. The notification “report layout differences might exists” indicates that some features might not be available in Power BI Desktop may appear when you open the file.
    5. Check the associated restriction for exporting a file from Power BI Service below if the problem continues.

2. Considerations and Limitations

    1. The user must have edit access to the report to download files.
    2. Power BI Desktop must have been used to build the report, and it must have since been uploaded to the Power BI Service.
    3. Reports from before November 2016 cannot be downloaded.
    4. If the report was made on the Power BI Service in the beginning, downloading it won’t be possible.
    5. Before opening.obix files, make sure Power BI Desktop is up to date; earlier versions may not support the most recent file format.
    6. Ask the administrator to enable the download/export feature if you can’t see it in the dashboard.
    7. Dataset with incremental refresh cannot be downloaded as a.pbix file.

3. Server Issues at Power BI

    1. Wait a few hours before trying any other solutions if the problem is with Microsoft Power BI.
    2. In this case, the problem will disappear as soon as the Power BI team resolves the problems on their end.
    3. After a few hours, try exporting the file again, or contact Power BI support for more details in the interim.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why can’t I export Power BI’s underlying data?

You must first confirm that your settings are correct. Please choose File > Options and Settings > Options > Current File > Report Settings on Power BI Desktop, then activate “Allow End Users to Export Both Summarized and Underlying Data from the Service” under the Export Data subtitle.

2. How can I modify the Power BI format?

A Style option is available for some Power BI visualizations. A complete variety of formatting options are applied to your visualization with only one click. To make a table or matrix active, choose it. Select Style presets under the Formatting tab.

3. How do I save form data in Access to a table?

Click Save Record or press Shift+Enter on the Home tab’s Records group to save the data. Your modifications don’t need to be saved specifically. When you close the form or datasheet, move the pointer to another row, or select a new field within the same row, Access commits the changes to the table.

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