Buy Facebook Like

Buy Facebook Like

Here’s What Will Happen if You Buy Facebook Likes [2021 Update]

Should you buy Facebook likes? Whether you’re the social media manager for a severe brand or you’re just trying to urge your own business off the bottom, it are often tempting to buy likes. After all, it can take an extended time to create followers organically. There’s all the posting, replying, and maintenance. It’s tons to handle.

But buying Facebook likes can do more harm than good. In this case, “you get what you pay for” totally rings true. If you pay $10 for 1,000 likes, you’ll find yourself with an unqualified, disengaged audience — or maybe fake likes from fake accounts.

In the end, it’s just a waste of cash. And what’s worse? It can hurt your Facebook performance at the end of the day.

Here’s everything you ought to realize buying Facebook likes (and why you shouldn’t do it).

How to buy Facebook likes

How does one buy Facebook likes? There are many sites out there that promote paying for likes — and for reasonable. Just search “buy Facebook likes,” and you’ll find websites promising to “boost your Facebook likes in seconds!” for prices that appear too good to be true. (Because they’re.)

You can buy likes from sites like,, or maybe Fiverr. During a few days, your page’s following will go up by thousands.

What are fake Facebook likes?

Facebook defines fake likes as “external services that sell packages of likes from fake accounts or people without real intent by offering a particular number of likes for a flat fee.”

How much does it cost to buy Facebook likes?

Buying likes are often as cheap as a penny per like, or 10,000 likes for as low as $5.

Is it legal to buy Facebook likes?

It’s legal to shop for Facebook likes, but it’s bad business.

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Can you get banned for buying likes?

Your Facebook page won’t be banned for purchasing Facebook likes. Facebook’s terms of service don’t prohibit buying likes. They are doing attempt to ban fake accounts, however. If an enormous number of your likes are fake, you’ll lose them if Facebook catches them and bans their accounts. “We have a robust incentive to aggressively follow the bad actors behind fake likes because businesses and other people who use our platform want real connections and results,” Facebook’s page on fake likes explains.

Facebook also warns against the business consequences of fake likes: “Businesses won’t achieve results and will find yourself doing less business on Facebook if the people they’re connected to aren’t real. It’s in our greatest interest to form sure that interactions are authentic, so we staff a variety of teams to detect fraudulent activity and shut it down.”

You can inspect Facebook’s complete stance on fake likes here.

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook likes

There are many reasons why buying Facebook likes is bad for business, but all of them boil right down to one thing: Those new likes your buying? They’re either not real people, they’re not active accounts, or they’re not users who would have an interest in what you’ve got to supply. Buying likes doesn’t generate sales — and it can make it even harder to succeed in your real fans.

EdgeRank: Facebook uses the EdgeRank algorithm to live your page’s engagement: what percentage of people interact together with your post? What percentage of users love it, discuss it, or share it with others?

A high EdgeRank means you’re offering good content that your followers enjoy or find helpful. A coffee one? Meaning your content doesn’t drive engagement, and Facebook will only show it to a small portion of your followers (if any).

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Unqualified, uninterested followers and faux users rarely — if ever — interact with posts, even on pages they “like.” This results in low engagement.

Organic reach: Your page reach is directly tied to your EdgeRank, so when your EdgeRank suffers, so does the total reach of your page. Your content isn’t displayed in as many followers’ NewsFeeds, and thus your followers’ social circles don’t see your page in their feeds either. It’s a slippery slope to social invisibility.

Lead generation: At the top of the day, your Facebook efforts aim to attract new customers and sales. Buying Facebook likes does absolutely nothing to further this. While it’d offer you an uptick on your page’s likes, it hurts your overall page reach, and it doesn’t mean there are more potential customers for you to attach with.

Put: Buying likes is counterproductive to your lead generation efforts.

Authenticity and credibility: Today’s customers value authenticity and transparency — and that they can spot a fake from a mile away. What does one think it says about your brand if they spot many fake likes on your latest post? Or they notice your following go up by 2,000 during three days? It can damage your reputation.

How can I get real likes on Facebook?

Now that you know what not to do, how can you get more Facebook likes and drive engagement? If your organic likes aren’t happening fast enough and you would like to hurry up your traction, invest in Facebook advertising instead.

Facebook ads are an excellent alternative to purchasing Facebook likes because they permit you to urge super specific when targeting potential fans. Knowing who you’re advertising to means reaching more people that are curious about your product or service.

Just a few | several | some | many a couple of dollars can usher in hundreds or maybe thousands of latest likes during a couple of hours. and therefore the best parts? Those followers are going to be qualified.

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The moral of the story? Advertise for likes. Could you not buy them?

21 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers (Real & Active)

Online marketing is now a well-established strategy employed by several brands everywhere on the planet. And as you would possibly expect, Facebook is that the king within this space. This goes on to prove how busy a social networking site Facebook is. There are not simple thanks to building/promote a brand on Facebook completely manually/organically. The competition out there’s the way an excessive amount of to fight. As a result, companies resort to/settle for purchasing Facebook likes.

In this era of growing technology, there are many sites available that supply shopping for Facebook likes. It’s tough to seek out the most specific sites that provide genuine Facebook likes and followers with such overcrowding. Thus, to form it easier for you, 

Here is that the list of Top Sites to shop for Facebook Likes & Followers:

  1. Viralyft
  4. Views Expert
  5. Famups
  6. Famoid
  7. Get Real Boost
  8. Social-Viral
  9. Follower Packages
  10. Fans Instant
  11. Boostlikes
  12. Venium
  13. Buy More Fans
  14. SocioBlend
  15. FBSkip
  16. iBuyFans
  17. Audience Gain
  18. Build My Plays
  19. SocLikes
  20. Buzz Voice
  21. Red Social


If you’re still a little page with the potential to grow, there’s nothing quite like getting an initial boost of Facebook likes. This not only shows support for your small business but also will end in increased sales.

The list mentioned above was curated to help you work out the most straightforward company to shop for Facebook likes and followers. Some scams and corporations aren’t legit, so remember and distance yourself from those. Follow the above list and stay in good hands.